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ATREYU – The Beautiful Dark Of Life

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ATREYU – The Beautiful Dark Of Life

The Beautiful Dark Of Life
(Alternative Metal | Modern Metal)

Label: Spinefarm Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 08.12.2023

Something special is happening with ATREYU right now. We can feel the creativity and collaboration when the five of us get in the studio. We can feel the confidence we all give each other when we stand on stage together. And we can see it in the audience when they’re losing their minds. They’re having as good a time as we are ourselvesDan Jacobs

The year 2020 marked a change in ATREYU’s steep career, as bassist Porter “Marc” McKnight also took over the microphone from long-time fronter Alex Varkatzas, who recently returned with his new group DEAD ICARUS. The change also changed a lot in the band’s sound, as demonstrated by the smoothly polished, ultra-modern “Baptize” a little over two years ago. The change also probably inspired the guys from Orange County, because since then they have released three EPs, which now culminate in the new album “The Beautiful Dark Of Life”.

So fans of the band are of course already familiar with a lot of what will be served on the Americans’ sixth album. ATREYU were once a guarantee for brilliant, but also modern and creative metalcore. When you turn on the new album, you can feel the core elements and anger of a hit like “Ravenous” or “Bleeding Mascara” in a rudimentary way, but you feel much more in the modern, synth-filled and ultra-modern numbers in the alternative Metal somewhere between PAPA ROACH, POP EVIL or SKILLET. That means the guys don’t skimp on kitsch scores, poppy melodies, hopping rhythms and obviously catchy choruses.

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This works sometimes more sometimes less well. Anthems like the opening “Drowning”, which also shows at least a few core roots and has a lot of dynamics, or the following “Insomnia” with a driving chorus will definitely appeal to fans of modern sounds and invite you to sing along and get lost. But it will definitely polarize fans of the early days. Rap interludes, synth overkills and some corny refrains await you more often on the way through the album, but also inconsequential numbers like the rippling past “Good Enough”, which is somewhat reminiscent of LINKIN with canned sounds and strings PARK meets dark nu metal. On the other hand, the anthemic title track at the end is sometimes quite good, manages the balancing act between heaviness and pop better and then still gives hope that ATREYU will find its old strength again.

I don’t want to complain about selling out or pandering to the mainstream, even if that would be obvious here. You just accept the modern, catchy sound, which sometimes seems too deliberate here and there, and you get an ambitious, courageous album that has a lot of hit and miss. With 15 tracks, fans of the predecessor will definitely get a handful of pleasing hymns. Anyone who has already turned their back on ATREYU due to the change in sound over the years will stay away from this one, everyone else will enjoy some hit candidates and anthems that are sure to ignite live.

Tracklist „The Beautiful Dark Of Life“:

1. Drowning
2. Insomnia
3. Capitol F
4. God-Devil
5. Watch Me Burn
6. Good Enough
7. Dancing With My Demons
8. Gone
9. I don’t Wanna Die
10. Immortal
11. (i)
12. Death Or Glory
13. Evermore
14. Come Down
15. The Beautiful Dark Of Life
Total playing time: –

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ATREYU – The Beautiful Dark Of LifeLineUp:Marc ‘Porter’ McKnight – Vocals, BassDan Jacobs – GuitarsBrandon Saller – Keys, Guitars, ProgrammingTravis Miguel – GuitarsKyle Rosa – Drums6…Buy on Amazon{“@context”: “http://schema.org/”,
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