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AUDIX AP42 OM2 dual-channel handheld microphone-Lichuangrui_Microphone_Audix_Recording

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Original title: AUDIX AP42 OM2 dual-channel handheld microphone-Lichuang Ruihe

About AUDIX:

Audix is ​​one of the most well-known microphone companies in the world. You can find our award-winning products in stadiums, arenas, concerts, stages, or in state-of-the-art recording studios and Fortune 500 boardrooms. Audix always insists on continuous innovation and improvement of performance standards, and is guided by its founding mission: designing, engineering and manufacturing high-performance original products to contribute to the development of the professional audio industry.

From ideas to finished products, Audix’s on-site R&D team combined with professional manufacturing facilities enables them to provide products that they are proud of.

“Well-known musicians, audio engineers and corporate executives have all chosen Audix.”

working principle: Condenser microphone uses a very, very thin metal film as the first stage of the capacitor, and another very close metal back plate as the other pole distance. At this time, the vibration of the diaphragm will cause the corresponding capacitance change. Thereby forming an electrical signal. Because the diaphragm is very thin, even very small sounds can vibrate. Therefore, condenser microphones are very sensitive. Therefore, condenser microphones are characterized by high sensitivity and good signal processing capabilities for different frequencies. In the recording studio In a good and quiet environment, extremely satisfying results can be achieved. However, it is very susceptible to environmental noise in ordinary environments, and it is generally only suitable for recording in a recording studio.

AUDIX AP42 OM2 dual channel handheld microphone


World Cup Curling World Cup

Beijing Lichuang Ruihe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the founder has more than 19 years of experience, focusing on conference room engineering and stage lighting and sound engineering industries, providing one-stop customized audio and video overall solutions, including pre-design, supply, installation, commissioning, and operation We have established strategic cooperative relations with dozens of domestic and foreign audio and video brand manufacturers. Provides long-term professional technical services and delivery for governments, education, Internet companies, and state-owned enterprises and central enterprises. So far, it has undertaken 3100+ medium and large-scale projects.

We continue to improve ourselves and meet challenges with our strong scientific and technological strength and brand-new mental outlook, in the spirit of openness and cooperation. In this professional field, we take the needs of customers as our own responsibility, and provide customers with better products and better services on the basis of providing one-stop solutions for system engineering. [主营内容] Professional audio products: SOUNDCRAFT sound art mixing console, YAMAHA Yamaha mixing console, BEHRINGER BEHRINGER mixing console: CROWN crown power amplifier: BOSE doctor speaker JBL speaker YAMAHA speaker Yamaha speaker EV audio S-KING sound king speaker: SHURE Shure microphone , SENNHEISER Sennheiser microphones, AUDIX microphones, AUDIO-TECHNICA Audio-Technica microphones, wireless microphones, conference microphones, wired microphones, lavalier microphones, instrument microphones, headset microphones, drum microphones, wireless microphones, wired microphones, broadcast teaching Microphones, broadcast recording microphones, interview microphones, computer USB microphones, microphone accessories, conference microphones, wireless microphones, wired microphones, lavalier microphones, headset microphones, drum microphones, instrument microphones, teaching microphones, recording microphones, etc.: DBX SABINE feedback Various professional audio equipment such as suppressors.Return to Sohu to see more


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