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Author of massacre in Sinop (MT) will go to popular jury in MT, decides Justice

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Author of massacre in Sinop (MT) will go to popular jury in MT, decides Justice

SÃO PAULO, SP (UOL/FOLHAPRESS) – The Mato Grosso Court decided that Edgar Ricardo de Oliveira, caught with Ezequias Souza Ribeiro killing seven people in a bar in February 2023, will go to the popular jury this year.

Edgar is arrested on charges of seven qualified homicides, robbery and aggravated robbery (through serious threat). Ezequias died on February 22, 2023 after, according to the Civil Police, he was involved in a confrontation with military police officers from BOPE (Special Operations Battalion).

Popular jury was scheduled for June 18, 2024, starting at 8:30 am. The decision, obtained by the report, was handed down by judge Rosângela Zacarkim dos Santos.

Magistrate maintained preventive detention (for an indefinite period) of the accused. For Santos, the process continues to be processed regularly, within reasonable limits, and the situation has remained unchanged since the complaint was accepted against the prisoner.

Defender says that “the repercussion that this case received harms the defense”. Lawyer Marcos Vinicius Borges, who represents Edgar, also stated that he believes “that such speed in the appointment of the session had a direct influence on this repercussion”. “But we are here defending not to exempt Edgar from responsibility, but to fight for a fair sentence”, he concluded.


The MP’s complaint points out that Edgar, with Ezequias, bet R$4,000 on pool games. The pair lost the amount to one of the victims, Getúlio, during the morning. In the afternoon, the duo returned to the establishment and called Getúlio for new matches and money bets, but they lost again.

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Afterwards, Edgar threw the pool cue on the bar table, talked to Ezequias, who pulled out a firearm and captured the victims, cornering them against the bar wall. Meanwhile, Edgar retrieved the shotgun from a pickup truck.


Both killed seven people. Two victims, including a 12-year-old girl, tried to run but were also shot and died.

Before fleeing, the pair took the money they had bet. Ezequias also stole the bag with the cell phone and the belongings of one of the survivors.


– Getúlio Rodrigues Frazão Junior, 36
– Larissa Frazão de Almeida, 12
– Orisberto Pereira Sousa, 38
– Adriano Balbinote, 46
– Josué Ramos Tenório, 48
– Maciel Bruno de Andrade Costa, 35
– Elizeu Santos da Silva, 47

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