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Avita 011 STUDIO limited time exhibition flashed in Beijing

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Avita 011 STUDIO limited time exhibition flashed in Beijing

§ Avita 011The limited-time exhibition landed in Beijing, introducing the fashion trend into the car circle and creating a grand event in the capital

§ Avita 011the most anticipated high-value cross-border single product

§ On August 8, Avita 11 and 011 will be released

On August 3, 2022 (Beijing), following Chengdu and Guangzhou, the Avita 011 STUDIO limited-time exhibition landed in Beijing, adding a fashionable temperament to the bustling capital. The carefully crafted limited-time exhibition and high-value cross-border single product Avita 011 , has captured the attention of many fashion lovers.

Ms. Wang Lin, Chief Marketing Officer of Avita Technology and General Manager of User Development Center, said: “Avita is committed to building an international Chinese smart electric vehicle brand. At the beginning of the brand’s establishment, Avita has established a fashion crossover To define our 0 series products, this is also the unique brand value of Avita. We break the circle with ‘cross-border’ and bring innovation and leadership in the industry. Avita 011 is the first representative of the 0 series. At the same time, we use ’emotional intelligence’ to empower fashion, use technology to promote “unbounded evolution”, bring international vision and aesthetics to users, and meet the personalized needs of users in different circles for high-end smart electric vehicles.”

The Avita 011 STUDIO limited-time exhibition is composed of black containers and airborne in Sanlitun, the “fashion vane” in Beijing, attracting attention like a mysterious fashion show.

Since the beginning of the construction of the enclosure, fashionistas from all walks of life with a keen sense of fashion have come to check in one after another; with the opening of the two fashion nights, the fashionable and bustling place has ushered in an upsurge of people. Opinion leaders from different circles such as fashion, technology, and automobiles gathered at the limited-time exhibition to share the extraordinary interest of fashion parties. The head V shares the pioneering trend of thought, and together with the brand manager of Avita, decodes the new fashion concept of the boundless evolution of emotional intelligence; super-burning blockbusters and flashing videos are repeatedly screened, and fashion gathering places show the creativity of fashion cross-border and intelligent technology feast.

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Different from the big show that is limited to the fashion circle, the Avita 011 STUDIO limited-time exhibition spans the three major fields of fashion, technology and automobile, introducing the fashion trend of cross-border co-branding into the car circle and renewing it – Co-founder of 1017 ALYX 9SM , Givenchy creative director Matthew M. Williams (hereinafter referred to as MMW) and Avita Technology Chief Design Officer Nader Faghihzadeh teamed up to create a limited edition of 500 high-end fashion items Avita 011, ending the cross-border co-branding of smart electric vehicles and designers It can only stay in the history of the concept, and successfully mass-produce it while playing with fashion, bringing users high-value cross-border items full of sincerity.

Avita 011 expresses the essence of fashion with “emotional intelligence” and makes fashion more emotional; at the same time, “evolution without boundaries” injects humanity into technology and promotes the evolution of cars from travel tools to the incarnation of intelligence that understands you. It can be seen that Avita 011 takes emotional intelligence as the core and combines fashion, automobiles and technology ingeniously. It is not only a fashion item, but also a fashionable artwork and a new way of intelligent travel that is endowed with EI emotional intelligence.

Inspired by emotional intelligence and fashionable creativity, Avita 011 is luxurious yet casual, breakthrough innovation and its own temperature. Its changing light and shadow black is inspired by MMW’s favorite black, and the specially treated lacquer surface presents various colors under the light, presenting a streamer phantom full of tension. The functional buckle 2.0 with a very personal MMW color also appeared on Avita 011. The personalized and practical emotional design conveys the infinite possibilities of cross-border creativity.

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Avita 011 applies matte Nuprima leather to a production car for the first time, and uses a full hand quilting process to stitch Nappa glossy leather to bring the exquisite texture of advanced customization. The fully symmetrically unfolded encircling induction cockpit reflects the central axis running through the capital, showing the beauty of harmony and symmetry. The Vortex emotional vortex at the starting point of the “central axis” is like a key to open the heart, waiting for every heart-to-heart connection. The free optional 22-inch aluminum alloy forged wheels with suspension car logo and white Brembo four-piston calipers are presented inadvertently.

As the protagonist of the whole show, Avita 011 is extraordinary, and together with the MMW infinite corridor area of ​​the limited-time exhibition and the 360 ​​EI high-tech super-sense experience area, it creates a high-tech luxury fashion experience and continues to develop new territory. On August 8, Avita 11 and 011 will be released and the price will be announced. “Limited fashion items” will be released soon!

Disclaimer: The functions and configurations involved in this article do not represent a commitment to the actual vehicle. The actual configuration and functions of the vehicle are subject to the officially released product configuration table.

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