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AYMZ – „AYMZ“ – mica

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AYMZ – „AYMZ“ – mica

With her self-titled and extremely powerful EP, recently released on “break them RECORDS”, the Salzburg singer and musician AYMZ underlines that she is one of the most interesting Austrian pop artists of the moment.

AYMZ has undergone several musical transformations in the past. But with her self-titled EP she shows that she has finally found her musical language and style. The Salzburg native could easily have been the next replaceable pop star in the Austrian music sky with a smoothed-out and softened sound, but fortunately she didn’t want to go that route. Instead, as you can hear very well on the new EP, she does her own thing, which is characterized above all by a really authentic note.

AYMZ has never been a musician before who has distorted or distorted herself in any way, but this fact is particularly noticeable in the new songs. Without looking at anyone else’s tastes, possible playlist entries or chart positions, she lets it rock in an alternative manner. And in a wonderfully varied and edgy way and, above all, with character. The opener “Allerlaster Tag” already scores with a wide musical range. It starts quietly and with a touching melancholic tone, but as it progresses it develops into a real dance-off number. The rest of the EP then moves almost exclusively in the high energy range. The track “I wouldn’t be friends with myself” only knows one direction, and that is forward. The song “Tilidin” is a real riff monster with an almost metal-like middle section and at the same time extremely catchy factor. And the final track “Gegen die Wand” also relies on a quickened tempo, a fat sound and a driving beat.

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What all the songs have in common is an extremely catchy tune factor. The melodies and choruses immediately settle in your ear canals and create a mood, but in no way superficially, but in a really sophisticated way.

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