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Bai An’s album “No one wrote songs for you, ALL ABOUT YOU” won 11 crowns jqknews

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Bai An’s album “No one wrote songs for you, ALL ABOUT YOU” won 11 crowns jqknews

  China Entertainment Network News www.yule.com.cn After the release of Bai An’s fourth creative album “No one wrote songs for you, ALL ABOUT YOU”, it has repeatedly achieved good results and won 11 championships in the digital charts. , because of such good results, a special press conference was held on the 26th to celebrate the album, and the champion single “No one wrote a song for you to live it” because the lyrics of “live it” and “guoba” sound similar, also made fans laugh and say ” This should be the most famous rice dumpling in history.” Therefore, the press conference prepared rice dumplings to celebrate, and shared the joy of first place with everyone. At the same time, Mayday Ashin and Xu Jun, who participated in the production of the album, also recorded VCR congratulations.

As the producer of the two champion singles “Nobody Writes Songs for You” and “Just In Time”, Ashin is also happy for the success of Bai An’s album, he said: “Every time Bai An releases an album, there will be something It has attracted attention. It was chicken before, this time it was Guoba, and now someone finally wrote a song for it.” At the same time, he also revealed an interesting story about Bai An’s production process, “I think Bai An has installed a monitor in my house, every time Bai An said Can you call me when I was about to lie down to sleep, then I would use the most comfortable way, lying down several times to discuss with her, we are the producer of the Comfort Department and the singer of the Comfort Department.” Xu Jun, a Chinese male singer who was shortlisted for the Golden Melody Award, also produced several songs with Bai An, mentioning the process of cooperating with Bai An, he said: “Bai An looks like a little girl on the outside, but he is more decisive at work. Whatever she wants, she will directly tell me what she wants, and we work very efficiently.” I am happy to work with Bai An, praise her for her talent, and look forward to more musical exchanges in the future.

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Referring to the process of cooperating with the two producers, Bai An said that Ashin gave her a lot of creative space, and most of the time she discussed it over the phone. Bai An also explained: “Sleep does not necessarily have to be late at night, I have it in the morning. I asked him at nine o’clock, and he was still very angry, I couldn’t tell that he was lying down.” In addition, the production process with Xu Jun was also very interesting, she described Xu Jun as a very masculine person, and it happened that Bai An’s ideas were more like Girls, work with him to find the middle value, let the music have more collisions, and stimulate different sparks.

“No one writes songs for you, ALL ABOUT YOU” can be seen as another turning point in Bai An’s music career. More musicians are seen in the list of lyrics and songs, including the best lyricists of the Golden Melody Award Mayday Ashin, Ge Dawei, and Xu Jun, who was nominated for the Golden Melody Award for Chinese Male Singer, and Guoguo, who was nominated for the Golden Melody Award for Best Orchestra Sunset Speed, collaborated with outstanding musicians to capture the tiny emotions in the small lives, and compose notes and stories for different people’s life experiences. The album has been released so far. In addition to the album ranking No. 1 on the MyMusic Chinese New Album Weekly Chart and No. 1 in iTunes Mandarin Pop, the new song “Nobody Writes Songs for You” and Disney+’s exclusive original Chinese drama “Taipei Women’s Guide” drama episode “Just Right” They also occupied the first place in KKBOX’s new song instant list, the first place in the Chinese new song daily list, and the first place in the Chinese single day list. Bai An sang the champion single “Just In Time” on the spot, and she was fascinated by the scene. She said that “Just In Time” is a song she wrote from a female perspective, and she was very happy to receive feedback from many men. The media asked how to celebrate the good results? She said, “I’m not very materialistic. I like to eat when I’m happy or not. To celebrate is to eat!”

Bai An will hold a new song tour concert “No One Writes Songs for You” at Zepp New Taipei on November 13, and will sing more new songs for everyone, she said: “On the one hand, I am very happy to have new songs to share with you. On the one hand, I am also worried about whether anyone remembers me.” But what’s even happier is that there are now many new songs to sing to fans, sharing the life of the past few years, and tickets have been sold through the Tuoyuan ticketing system. For more information about Bai An and related activities, please pay attention to Bai An and Believe Music official Weibo and public account.

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