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“Baichuan Variety Season” is scheduled for 812 6 programs “variety” if you like it jqknews

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“Baichuan Variety Season” is scheduled for 812 6 programs “variety” if you like it jqknews

Recently, Douyin’s 2022 blockbuster variety show “Baichuan Variety Season” announced that it will be scheduled for August 12. This new program jointly created by six well-known domestic production teams has finally entered the countdown stage. On August 9th, the Douyin platform held the “Baichuan Variety Season” before the broadcast of the program, “You Like All You Like” early adopters watching the film. Watching the film will taste the broadcast of the early adopter version of the program. This very exploratory and pioneering variety show also unveiled its mysterious veil for the first time.

  Explore the new variety show mode “Baichuan Variety Show Season” “Let everyone have a variety show to watch”

On August 9th, “Baichuan Variety Season” held a “Zhengyou You Like” early adopter viewing meeting. For the first time, the six creative teams and the main creative representatives gathered to share with the media the origin and convergence process of the “Baichuan Variety Season” in an all-round way.

At the filming meeting, Song Binghua, director of Douyin Variety, gave an all-round introduction to the novel program mode of “Baichuan Variety Season”: “Baichuan Variety Season” gathered more than 20 top producers in China to create nearly 100 themes. In the sampling, 6 high-quality themes were finally selected and created by 6 well-known variety show content teams. The program spans the diverse groups of old, middle-aged and young people, and the featured content tailored for different groups of people will also cover multiple expression dimensions such as audio, video, and fun in the presentation form, aiming to present diverse works to the broad audience.

This “Baichuan Variety Season”, which contains up to 6 sub-programs, will use the method of broadcasting one program every two episodes to fully demonstrate its new breakthroughs in different themes and content areas to the audience. And finally use the public judgment as a yardstick to evaluate the real “popular explosion”.

In addition to talking about the creation story of “Baichuan Variety Season”, the six main creative representatives present shared in-depth content on the content created by themselves.

  Special competitive word guessing game cultural variety show “Hundred River Civilizations”

“Hundred River Civilizations”, created by the Guan Zhengwen team of “Chinese Character Dictation Conference” and “Seeing the Words as Faces”, has become the first variety show to appear in the form of a special competitive word guessing game. Different from traditional cultural variety shows, the show combines word guessing games with sci-fi themes, injecting an independent worldview into the show. Taking the interstellar civilization drama conflict as the sci-fi story line, all the members of the show are people in the play, and the victory or defeat of the competition turns into an ups and downs line to advance the plot, bringing a new, relaxed and happy viewing experience to audiences who love traditional culture.

Talking about the breakthrough in the creation of the program, Director Guan Zhengwen directly expressed his desire to create more happiness for everyone: “The current external environment can say that life is not easy, and I hope to do something with contrast. The audience’s laughter is My greatest consolation, it is my original intention to bring laughter to everyone.”

 Create a multi-scene immersive game decompression variety show “Baichuan Can Amuse the Town”

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Lu Wei’s team, who once created “This! It’s Street Dance”, focused on the emotional pressure and emotional predicament of the current society. In the program, the resident guests and happy amateurs jointly built Kedou Town, and jointly customized a “decompression plan” for the “Yali” stars who came to Kedouzhen to participate in the anti-yali plan who were in some kind of life anxiety or emo mood. , recommend all kinds of strange decompression coup. Accompany the guests who come as guests to experience the decompression journey.

When it comes to the choice of the program’s subject matter, Lu Wei, the program’s chief director, said frankly: I always feel that variety shows have at least one function that they can give everyone some space to release pressure or release their emotions at certain times. “Hundred Rivers Can Amuse Town” is the Peach Blossom Spring in my mind, because the fisherman comes out after entering the Peach Blossom Spring and returns to his normal life. For him, this is an emotional relief.

 Senior Social Variety Show “Old Friends of Baichuan”

“How should a variety show focusing on the social interaction of the elderly look good?” “Old Friends of Baichuan” may have given the answer through its new perspective and expression. It not only sets up intergenerational observers with multi-dimensional observation perspectives, but also explores the special setting that children accompany their parents to socialize. It shows the understanding of Chinese-style intergenerational relationship from multiple perspectives of the old, the middle-aged and the young, and through the creation of warm social scenes, the current elderly can let go of their worries and devote themselves to a warm journey of re-acquaintance.

When talking about the idea of ​​the program’s topic selection, Wang Zhiyi and Zhou Jun expressed that they were very happy to have the opportunity to film the subject in their hearts: “This is a social pain point and a big social phenomenon. The elderly need to have the program to watch. When we first created this show, the problem was that it was difficult for the elderly’s show to be noticed by the commercial market, but luckily, we met the Baichuan variety show season, and we were able to complete the idea.”

 Large-scale two-way intergenerational experimental observation music variety show “Baichuan Music Time and Space”

The fusion of intergenerational collision and music has become the biggest highlight of “Baichuan Music Time and Space”: classic singers talk to new listeners born in the 2000s, new generation singers talk to elders, singers hide their identities one-on-one chat, sing and record with amateurs from different generations. The real reactions of generational amateurs after hearing the song. In addition to the chemical collision of intergenerational music aesthetics, the program will also identify high-quality golden songs that meet the aesthetics of the two generations of listeners as one of the important tasks.

Wu Qunda, the chief director, pointed out the origin of the show with three “soul torture” of himself: the first question, is there any kind of music that can travel through time and space? So this show is called “Baichuan Music Time and Space” – 100 kinds of time travel Time and space music. The second question, is there an emotion that can connect generations? Then the third question is, is there something that can give us constant strength and comfort in such a changing era now? ?

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  Large-scale college group competition music variety show “Baichuan College Voice”

“You can hear the melody related to youth here.” “Baichuan College Voice” focuses on college students, expresses with the most youthful group images, and opens up a new way of opening music.

The program breaks the “tutor + academy” model inherent in the conventional music ensemble, focusing on the natural relationship between the school’s predecessors and seniors. Six seniors and sisters who have become famous or well-known in the Chinese music world return to their alma mater to find capable college students and lead their juniors to learn. My sister formed a team to start an inter-school competition.

Talking about the breakthrough in the creation of the program, Director Chen Gang said: “We hope to bring the enthusiasm, enthusiasm, upward and positive outlook of the college students on campus to everyone, so that everyone feels that they have not collapsed, please maintain your confidence in them. .”

 Music sitcom variety show “Hundred Rivers Rhapsody”

Taking sitcoms as the core content, bringing together well-known domestic musicians, supplemented by variety talk show techniques to present the content to create a “comprehensive drama”, “Hundred Rivers Rhapsody” brings a “rhapsody experience” to everyone present. According to each musician’s vision of his own life, the professional screenwriter and director team will create an exclusive ideal scene for the artist to realize everyone’s “fantasy life”, so that each audience can have an immersive “chaser”. drama” experience.

At the filming meeting, director Hu Ming explained the wonderful origin of this program: “We will make some interesting discoveries when planning the program, everyone has an idea or imagination that is different from real life, everyone is now We have faced many, many difficulties, but our minds can’t be restrained, and we can wander to achieve some other freedom. From my point of view, I actually want to do this kind of unrestrained, and then very fantastic An interesting expression.”

 Variety show creation explorers create a new variety show mode to bid farewell to the era of “betting”

At the media viewing party, a special called “Informal Confession: The Youth Past of Variety Shows” evoked many memories of the media and guests present on Chinese variety shows. At the same time, it also shows Douyin’s original intention and determination to deepen the field of variety shows. As Douyin’s annual plan, “Baichuan Variety Season” has a very pioneering and bold innovation in terms of program form and content creation.

Talking about the original intention of creating the show, Song Binghua, head of Douyin variety show, said:

“The current variety show content creators are divided into three dimensions: content creators, content managers, and content operators. People at the three levels have different perspectives on the entire industry. Among them, as a platform content manager , To know how to create an environment that is conducive to content creators to release their creativity, and to view the development of the entire industry from the perspective of content operators. And “Baichuan Variety Season” is the product of the combination of these three dimensions.

At this critical time node about variety shows, three kinds of creators need to have different thinking dimensions. Content, stars, and venues are not the most important things. If you make good use of the ability of platform content managers to protect the creativity and innovation of creators, it is the core value of the content industry.

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When we put forward the demand for variety show creation of ‘truth, goodness, beauty and family fun’, we need to find a method or model that both the industry and capital agree on. And through this model, a balance point has been found in capital, market and innovation. This methodology is not new. There are pilot seasons or Test Screening overseas. However, it is the first time that such a large-scale, systematic and scientific experiment “Baichuan Variety Season” has been conducted. “

Relying on the Douyin platform’s 600 million daily active user base, “Baichuan Variety Show Season” will explore a new variety show model with its in-depth insights into variety show creation business and users, and provide more diverse new ideas for the creation of domestic variety show content in the future .

The traditional variety show test in the market usually relies on the production of samples to evaluate and judge whether the program has production value and dissemination value. The fixed viewing environment is far from the user’s viewing habits, and the user’s subjective rating method is also difficult to accurately predict the actual broadcast effect. .

“Baichuan Variety Season” will rely on the natural test of the Douyin traffic pool on the basis of the production sample mode, collect the most authentic and reliable feedback data from users, and use a byte-based data verification system to avoid personal subjective judgments to the greatest extent. Decipher the password for “explosive” content production.

When talking about his understanding of the explosion, Song Binghua, the head of Douyin variety show, made the following analysis:

The “popular style” is a variable in different periods and on different platforms, and there is no absolute value. Taken together, within half a year, one or two projects with the highest playback volume and sound volume in the entire network can be called explosive models. We know that in the past few years, hundreds of programs may be born every half a year, so popular models must be scarce.

For “Hundred Rivers”, I think 0-2 explosions are reasonable. But the probability of occurrence of 0 is the highest. There is no way, this is what statistics tell us.

However, compared with the past method of Somebody’s decision-making for one person or a group of people to decide on a project, the probability of a hit model in Baichuan’s model must be higher.

“Baichuan Variety Season” is produced by Douyin, jointly produced by Beijing Satellite TV, Henan Satellite TV, and Jiangsu Satellite TV. The program’s first sub-variety show “Hundred River Civilizations” will be launched on Douyin at 12:00 on Friday, August 12th. With the broadcast of the program, there will also be more fresh and interesting content on the Douyin platform at 12:00 every Friday, and broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV, Henan Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Xigua Video, Fresh Time TV, Today’s Toutiao, Douyin Volcano Edition, Douyin Extreme Edition and other major platforms have been launched one after another.

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