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Baizhi sells goods at a loss and suffers “first-class acting” – Guangming Daily

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(Beijing 29th news) Everyone’s acting skills are very good.

In the past two years, Cecilia Cheung, who has fully transferred to China for development, has successfully made a spring. In addition to many variety show invitations, she also tried popular live broadcasts. With her super popularity, her live broadcast studio has been very popular. “The first time to report”, she tried to report the wrong price, but ended up having to pay 50,000 yuan (about 33,000 ringgit) to pay the bill out of her own pocket.

Recently, Cecilia launched a live broadcast to sell gold bracelets. She was very cautious about the price. She was holding the bracelet and asked the merchant: “This 999 gold 5.6 grams, 5D bracelet costs 15,800. Yuan (approximately 10,000 ringgits) is it?” The merchant said: “If you pay 10,000 for a fake one, I will never deceive the fans in my sister’s live broadcast room. Now I give benefits and the price is set by my sister.” I didn’t expect Baizhi to hear. Yan actually offered a super low price. “I like the number 2599 better, then 2599 yuan (about 1725 ringgits)!” Baizhi offered a “loss price”, but the merchant did not object.

Cecilia has repeatedly used “personality guarantee” to indicate that she will never sell fakes. Some netizens said with a smile that the original price of this golden bracelet is 2599 yuan, which is even more sour.

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