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Balenciaga Officially Announces Opening of Haute Couture Store | HYPEBEAST

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Balenciaga Officially Announces Opening of Haute Couture Store | HYPEBEAST

Balenciaga, which started with Haute Couture haute couture, closed its own fashion house in 1968 from the brand’s founder Cristóbal Balenciaga. After 53 years, the creative director Demna Gvasalia released the “50th season of haute couture”. After returning to the ranks of haute couture, This time, the brand announced that it will open a haute couture store in France.

Balenciaga will return to its location at 10 Avenue George V, just a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées and Avenue Montaigne, blending the brand’s historical and contemporary vision, with menswear and womenswear departments on the ground floor, It is connected to a haute couture salon; in addition, the store will offer a personalised service on a wide range of clothing and accessories.

Committed to “preserving the tradition of Balenciaga and re-creating haute couture”, the brand’s CEO Cédric Charbit said that haute couture is still a very closed field for the new generation, but since the last time Demna has introduced haute couture After the show was brought back to the runway, perhaps attracted by a strong visual effect or a sense of ritual, they were surprised to find that the customer was not only male but also female, and even the age of the customer in the retail store was about 30 to 35 years old. ——A group of “new customers” who are purchased for use or collection, aiming to pursue rarer, more experienced, and unlimited “new customers” in terms of price and imagination, and the new store can just meet their needs .

Interested readers may wish to keep an eye out for Balenciaga’s latest couture store opening on July 6, the same day as its 51st season couture show.

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