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Bandai Namco Trendy Play Party 2023 —— Uto Gundam takes you to play the new year trend_Latest_Xinmin.com

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Bandai Namco Trendy Play Party 2023 —— Uto Gundam takes you to play the new year trend_Latest_Xinmin.com

Do you still remember the Bandai Namco trendy play party in the Year of the Tiger in 2022? Many trendy play items are injecting infinite “creative power” into Nanjing East Road, presenting a “good-looking, fun, hilarious, and fun” party for everyone. Want to buy” Chinese New Year party. The Zodiac Gundam series in particular left a deep impression on everyone. And during the Spring Festival of 2023, Zodiac Gundam Uto will take over from Tora Gundam and continue to open a grand party for everyone to celebrate the new year.

From January 21, 2023 to February 5, 2023, at Shanghai Xintiandi Fashion I Shopping Center, Bandai Namco Fashion Play Party will take you to play the new year wave. Come to the scene to see the style of Uto Gundam!


[Visual Trend]Gundam “Lunar New Year Blockbuster” was shot

Bandai Namco Fashion Party 2023, the protagonist is still the Zodiac Gundam wearing the “Chinese Wind Armor”. They stand on the stage full of joy and “Chinese elements”, adding new ideas to the prosperous Spring Festival.

The combination of mech fighters and Chinese elements creates a visual feast. Let you take a picture casually and make your circle of friends shine.

The Zodiac Gundam series is the 40th anniversary of the birth of the “Mobile Suit Gundam” series. Mr. Ogawara Kunio personally operated the series. Inspired by the traditional Chinese culture “Zodiac”, it is specially created for Chinese fans with a Chinese style. Elemental’s Gundam series.

At the same time, this series also specially invites the famous Japanese toy designer TOUMA to make a second creation on the basis of Mr. Ogawara Kunio’s original design. Through partial deformation and exaggerated processing, it adds a touch of cuteness and cuteness to the original sharp-edged Gundam mecha. cute.

When the Year of the Rabbit in 2023 is approaching, the twelve zodiac signs Gundam Rabbit will also arrive as scheduled.


【Toy Trend】Choose your exclusive trendy toys

In addition to the zodiac rabbit shape in the cockpit of this year’s Zodiac Gundam Uto, the rabbit claws on the feet, as well as the shoulders and joints also cleverly incorporate various rabbit elements, while retaining the sense of mecha. , adding a bit of cuteness and agility to the rabbit. The red and white color scheme highlights the festiveness of the Spring Festival.

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This year, the Zodiac Gundam series also launched a blind box for the first time. Headed by Maotu Gundam, together with Haizhu, Zishu, Chouniu, and Yinhu, it is cute, cute and handsome. It not only reproduces the classic color matching of Zodiac Gundam, but also introduces a gold special painting version. Which one do you want most?

In addition, the Bandai Wicca of the Zodiac Gundam series also came to help the Chinese New Year. Each wafer biscuit contains a different Zodiac Gundam card, which is delicious and fun.

Such a lively Chinese New Year event, of course, cannot do without the addition of some rewards from star product series. There are a total of 10 different categories of products in the Zodiac Gundam series, ranging from A to K. Come and try your luck!

In addition to Zodiac Gundam, this year’s Bandai Namco Trendy Play Party also prepared many different IPs, different categories of trendy games, trendy clothes and other products waiting for you to watch and choose.

QMSV and QMSV mini series

If there is a Gundam that breaks the circle by “selling cute”, it must be the QMSV series. It breaks the traditional heavy mechanical style of Gundam, and brings a different product experience to Gundam fans by combining the unique “Q Meng” design elements of Chaowan products. The birth of the QMSV series has injected fresh blood into the IP of “Mobile Suit Gundam”, and at the same time allows friends who don’t know Gundam to feel the charm of Gundam from another angle.

The QMSVmini series embodies the essence of the design of the QMSV series. The shape components are smaller, more friendly and easier to play. It can be said that the “Q Meng” has been achieved to the extreme in shape. And it comes out in the form of a blind box, which adds to the fun of buying.

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Come here, you will see all QMSV and QMSV mini series products so far. You will also have the opportunity to buy some popular returning products. Which one is it? Let’s find out on the spot~

Gundam tide suit STRICT-G

The linkage series between the famous artist Ashley Wood (UNDERVERSE) in the trendy game industry and the well-known IP “Gundam” in the model industry is widely loved by fans. The mecha style and wasteland style collide with the trendy fashion under the artist’s design. Gundam tide clothing STRICT-G has also been loved by many fashion partners after its launch in Shanghai. So what kind of sparks will UV✖️STRICT-G trendy items create? Come to the scene to experience the fashion of the joint gift box from a distance!

Qposket Doll series

Since it is a party, of course the appearance of the princess is indispensable. The Disney princesses joined hands to add color to this event. Alice, Rapunzel, Belle, all dressed up to attend. At the scene, you will instantly return to that beautiful fairy tale world through a whole beautiful photo wall.

You can also place yourself in a sea of ​​flowers and let yourself become the most beautiful fugitive princess this Spring Festival.

Qposket Doll is a new product based on Bandai’s classic Qposket series, while maintaining the original charm and further pursuing movement and detail performance. The hands, feet, head and other joints can move, and various poses can be made to increase the playability of the figure. The bright eyes full of luster are the biggest charm of this series. In addition, accessories such as clothes and hair accessories can be changed, so you can dress up your favorite doll image according to your preferences.

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Other more trendy products, waiting for you to come to the scene to unlock. There is also a chance to be the first to appreciate the new products that will be launched soon~


[Gift Tide]Bandai Namco Tide Play Chinese New Year Limited Gifts

Chinese New Year must be blessed with red envelopes! From New Year’s Eve to the fifth day of the Lunar New Year and on the day of the Lantern Festival, we will distribute Uto Gundam customized red envelopes on the spot. All red envelopes are delivered free of charge on-site, the quantity is limited, first come first served.

Friends, remember to check in early~

The scratch card in the red envelope has the opportunity to scratch the Zodiac Gundam Blind Box, cash coupons or limited Uto·Gundam Spring Festival couplets, illustrated version and Q version Uto accompany you to celebrate the New Year.

If you buy the full amount, you can also get a Uto Gundam custom canvas bag, which is available in limited quantities. There are also Uto Gundam limited key chains and other gifts, which can be obtained by participating in the on-site interaction.

The Bandai Namco Club mini-program is launched simultaneously! If you can’t be there, don’t regret it. Search “Bandai Namco Club” on WeChat to play the New Year’s wave, and limited New Year wallpapers are waiting for you.

Go to the scene to check in Bandai Namco Trendy Play Party 2023, and play the New Year’s trend together in the Year of the Rabbit.

Venue: Shanghai Xintiandi Fashion I Shopping Center

Activity time: 2023.1.21-2023.2.5

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