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Bar Association: Eduardo Bittar’s “overwhelming” victory in the elections

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Bar Association: Eduardo Bittar’s “overwhelming” victory in the elections

Eduardo Bittar is the new president of the Bar Association. The first data confirm that the victory was overwhelming, over a universe of 5,047 voters, 3028 were for the “Commitment to the Legal Profession” list. The highest number of the last votes in the College representing the 61,48%.

“It was an overwhelming, devastating victory”said the winner minutes after confirming his victory, and added: “Now, I am going to call on all sectors of the legal profession to work together for the profession.”

“We managed to form a broad and plural list with representation of all spaces“, stated the official as he left the door of the institution to participate in the celebrations. He considered that the “victory was overwhelming due to the proposals, where it was stated that the problem of the legal profession is a union issue. We are not auxiliaries of justice “We are an essential part,” he indicated to his followers.

The new president will succeed Ignacio Segura in office, another lawyer from the “Peronist” stick. “Now the real work begins,” he concluded in his message to the applause of several leaders close to Martín Llaryora. Bittar not only won in the delegations that were voted for today, but he managed to recover Jesús María, a place that had turned its back on him lately.

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From the Panal they closely followed the campaign and the development of the day. Juan Manuel Cid, current director of the Bank of Córdoba, was the main promoter of the new president and present at the celebrations.

The list of Mariano Jándula, candidate of the “Más” group, achieved 1,475 votes (29.9%) and “Somos Colegio” with Pregoni in the lead with 422 votes (8.6%). Just after 7 p.m., the opponents came to congratulate the winners of the contest at the doors of the institution.

With these results, the majority will have 8 members and the minority – represented by the 8 “Mas” list – will manage to occupy four representatives out of a total of 12 on the Board of Directors.

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