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BASWOD – „Forever Now“ – mica

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BASWOD – „Forever Now“ – mica

A quiet, intimate pop sound that develops its own magic and doesn’t leave it untouched – that’s exactly what the songwriter BASWOD brings to life on his fourth album “Forever Now” (Sarah Bart Records).

That the singer-songwriter Dominik Linder alias, who comes from Carinthia and now lives in Hamburg Basswood You could already tell from his previous releases that he has an excellent command of the very fine and emotionally moving pop sounds. With “Forever Now” the songwriter continues his chosen musical path. Once again he plays folky indie pop pieces that invite you to dream yourself away from this world, to a peaceful, quiet place where all the bad things in this world seem distant, at least for a moment.

As in the past, Dominik Linder avoids any decorative glitter or exaggerated show in his songs. He relies on authenticity and focuses on the essentials, on this little thing consisting of simply guitar, piano, sometimes drums and voice, which he transforms into something incredibly atmospherically beautiful. His music is carried by a quiet, delicately melancholic, floating and fragile tone that develops from the depths, conveying a warm feeling and displacing any hint of superficiality.

In summary one can say that Basswood “Forever Now” is an album that stands out from the crowd. His music has that certain something, that vibration that magically grabs you and touches you deeply. A really beautiful and moving listening experience.

Michael Ternai


Sarah Bart Records

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