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“Be Your Own Light” was successfully completed by Liu Tao, Qin Hailu, Liu Yuning, Chai Biyun and chasing the light jqknews

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“Be Your Own Light” was successfully completed by Liu Tao, Qin Hailu, Liu Yuning, Chai Biyun and chasing the light jqknews

  China Entertainment Network News On November 4, the female growth inspirational drama “Be Your Own Light” was successfully completed. The play is produced by Youku Video, Beijing Times Light and Shadow Culture Media Co., Ltd., Chengdu Radio and Television Station, and Dongyang Mingcheng Culture Media Co., Ltd., and is jointly produced by Sichuan Radio and Television Station, Sichuan Star Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Light and Shadow Online Culture Media Co., Ltd. , director Xie Ying, chief producer Wang Jin, producer Zhang Xiaozhou, director Yu Ding, and screenwriter Su Xiaoyuan worked together to create. The cast of the play is very eye-catching, starring Liu Tao, Qin Hailu, Liu Yuning, Chai Biyun, Zhang Duo, Liu Xu, Yu Lu, Dai Gaozheng, Chen Yuxian, Wang Haoze, Feng Lei, Lu Fangsheng, Wu Yufang, Chen Yiheng, Liu Yajin made a special appearance, Tan Kai, Zhao Yanguozhang, Yan Nan, Lai Xi, Yu Hui friendship starred, Zhang Boyu, Li Sibo, Liu Pizhong, Han Yunuo, Qu Mengru, Lu Jia, Gao Maner, Shen Qi, Pan Shengrui co-starred.

“Be Your Own Light” tells the warm story of three female anchors who have undergone transformation in the news industry and their respective lives, and finally become their most dazzling light. On the day of the finale, the atmosphere of the crew was warm, and the starring actors posted alternative contrasting “off-duty pictures” one after another. The drama team also released the warm and infectious “She Said” women’s special and finalizing special, which further aroused the audience’s voice to wait for the show.

  All the staff have finished and posted the characters’ contrast and cute comparison photos. The highlights are full of expectations.

After more than four months of filming in Chengdu, the crew of “Be Your Own Light” has finally come to an end from summer to autumn. On the same day, the official exposed workplace-themed stills for the first time, allowing the audience to perceive the work atmosphere in the play in advance. Liu Tao, Qin Hailu and Chai Biyun made their debut as female anchors for the first time. They sat in front of the anchor’s stage professionally and showed the aura of women in the workplace. The handsome stills released by Liu Yuning for the first time showed the qualities of a sunny and warm man, which aroused heated discussions among netizens. To celebrate the completion of the show, the leading actors also posted pictures of their characters with very contrasting and cute comparisons. The work photos of sitting upright and the figure of getting off work quickly formed a strong contrast. Everyone said goodbye to the shooting in a fun way.

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It is reported that from the perspective of realism, the play tells the story of He Huan (played by Liu Tao), Bai Yang (played by Qin Hailu), and Zhao Yuanyuan (played by Chai Biyun), three female news anchors who have industry beliefs, and have experienced setbacks and darkness in the workplace, emotions and life. , but still insists on the story of illuminating the way forward with its own light. Among them, He Huan, played by Liu Tao, has encountered a great change in his life from everyone’s envy to the bottom of the valley, and he still does not give up easily and rises up; and Qin Hailu’s Bai Yang is a domineering and arrogant business man, and he formed a love relationship with He Huan. Killing girlfriends. Liu Yuning plays Jiang Junhao, a warm boy anchor, and He Huan plays the “debt” of the enemy’s road, bringing a different “light” of surprise to the drama; Chai Biyun incarnates the realistic and sensitive anchor Zhao Yuanyuan, who is unique in his own way. The rules of smashing through obstacles all the way.

  “She Said” Women’s Special and Finalized Special Exposure Interpretation of positive energy in front of the stage and behind the scenes, walking with the light

The previously exposed posters and previews of the show have given the eagerly-awaited audience a glimpse of the exciting highlights: not only the capable temperament of the three female anchors in the workplace, and the sweet and fresh emotional atmosphere of Liu Tao and Liu Yuning, but also the three A woman who holds on to her bright tenacity and courage after going through ups and downs. In the female short film released this time, the three leading actors Liu Tao, Qin Hailu and Chai Biyun respectively commented on their roles, and also shared their understanding of the roles from the perspectives of reality, prejudice, sense of security, etc. – pragmatic and uncompromising, stick to Heart and ideal, and learn to reconcile with self.

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The three women in the play, whether they are facing the double twists and turns of life and career and resisting pressure alone, becoming the target of public criticism due to problems in the workplace, or facing difficult love problems, these successive troughs have instead polished their self-confidence and brilliance. It reflects their courageous and firm contemporary female power, perfectly interprets the belief of “being your own light, and fearlessly moving forward”, showing the tone of the drama’s chasing light and making the audience feel the firm attitude of several women. The positive and upward atmosphere conveyed even filled the audience’s expectations.

In addition, the final episode of “Be Your Own Light” closely follows the theme of “You don’t need to borrow light, you are also light”, conveying warmth and hope. Whether it is He Huan and Bai Yang’s “Friendship Crisis” off-screen joyous atmosphere, Bai Yang is like Qin Hailu’s domineering personality, Jiang Junhao’s own true talent of “Liu Yuning”, or Zhao Yuanyuan’s personal declaration, the special series revolves around character traits and drama conflicts. Lay out and narrate the story behind the scenes of the play, so that the long-awaited audience can get a glimpse of the light of the characters conveyed by the group portraits in the play, as well as their respective encounters and friendships. Coming for the light and walking with the light, more than 260 staff members took 136 days of filming, and the efforts from summer to autumn show that the crew strives to restore the real female group portraits in the workplace in the pulse of the times.

  The popularity of topics inside and outside the play continues to escalate

Since the filming of “Be Your Own Light”, the popularity has continued to rise. The official announcement of the play has its own light and shadow atmosphere, and the starring “light and shadow” blockbusters are very eye-catching; topics such as “Liu Tao and Liu Yuning holding an umbrella”, “Qin Hailu said that Bai Yang is going to go online”, “Liu Yuning’s new drama frightened and turned into surprise” and other topics frequently appeared. The hot search list on various platforms has aroused the curiosity and expectation of the audience. The relationship between the characters inside and outside the play is also very interesting. Not only does the new combination of Liu Tao and Liu Yuning lead to a high topic of “nibbling” before the broadcast, but also the relationship between Liu Tao and Qin Hailu’s girlfriends in and out of the play also has its own highlights. Qin Hailu’s loudspeaker shouted Hilarious tidbits such as helping out and Liu Tao taking away Qin Hailu’s human figure standing up cards, make people very much looking forward to such a pair of friends showing a more intense female friendship in the play. The high level of attention attracted netizens to join the discussion one after another, such as “He Huan is so beautiful and strong and miserable”, “I look forward to Bai Yang’s career”, “Liu Yuning’s true character starring”, “calling for women’s inspirational drama” and so on have been praised continuously, making the public more and more looking forward to this story See you early.

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“Be Your Own Light” is created by the gold medal team of the original cast of “The Sea of ​​Stars”. It tells about the growth of urban women in a realistic context, and faces the diverse issues of contemporary women from the workplace, emotion, life and other dimensions, showing that there is no need to resort to An attitude that shines for others and shines for oneself. In addition, the play also depicts the development of the news industry under the tide of the times, as well as the different choices of many individuals, showing the social care and warm core of the play. I believe that such a drama with texture and warmth will convey the beautiful emotional value of fearlessness and self-achievement to the audience.

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