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Bear Bears: The Success Behind the Film Review ‘Stable as a Rock’

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Bear Bears: The Success Behind the Film Review ‘Stable as a Rock’

Why is the film review “Stable as a Rock” about “The Bear”?

Huang An, all-media reporter from Guangzhou Daily

During the Spring Festival, there are always “bears”. This year’s “Spring Festival” is hot, but “Bear Infested” is still “steady as a mountain”. “Bear Bears: Reverse Time and Space” received a box office of 1.392 billion yuan during the period. Not only did it rank third in the Spring Festival box office, but it also helped the total box office of the entire “Bear Bears” series of movies exceed 7.5 billion yuan, becoming the best-selling IP in domestic animation.

10 movies, 7.5 billion yuan, “Bear Bears” has been popular for ten years, why on earth?

The narrative is upgraded to enhance the audience experience. As the “ten-year appointment” of the series, “Bear Infested: Reverse Time and Space” not only takes care of the feelings of “old fans”, but also brings together more than 500 characters who have appeared in the past nine years, focusing on a “memory killing”. The reappearance of classic scenes has become a childhood memory for many viewers. Some viewers said, “When all the members returned for the final battle, I felt like I was seeing myself sitting in front of the TV. It was a wonderful feeling. I was excited and wanted to cry.”

At the same time, it also removes movie-watching barriers for those who have never watched “Bear Bears” and further expands the movie-watching audience. For example, this episode sets themes such as “How to choose your own life?” and “Don’t live for the world‘s perspective”, which resonates more with young people. And it is also a good education for children.

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The quality of the picture has reached a new high. It is understood that the production volume of “Bear Bears Reversal of Time and Space” has exceeded the previous record of the “Bear Bears” movie. The number of special effects shots reaches 90%, almost double that of “Bear 9”. Especially in the climactic scene at the end of the film, more than 500 characters from the ten-year series of movies return to fight the villains with the protagonists. This scene was very difficult. On the one hand, the old characters needed to be upgraded, and on the other hand, many of the characters involved hair, which is a difficult aspect of special effects production. This scene has also become the scene with the most visual effects and the highest cost in the entire film. In addition, there are a lot of special effects of explosions, fireworks, and smoke in the film, including scenes of skyscrapers collapsing and shattering, and it also involves a lot of settlement.

A more team-oriented and industrialized creation mechanism. Whether an IP can last forever, content is the key. The effective creation mechanism is the booster that keeps the content dynamic and innovative. According to film producer Shang Linlin, Fantawild Animation has established an internal think tank, including all directors, creative teams and heads of various aspects, who provide professional opinions on the project.

A decade later, “Bear Out” is still going strong. However, as fans gradually grow up, how can “Bear Bears” retain old fans, expand new fans, and maintain the innovative ability of the long-standing domestic animation IP? Will you continue to stick to the “Spring Festival stall”? How will there be breakthroughs in terms of story and technology? Will there be cooperation and linkage with other Chinese comic IPs? It’s a big test for the team, and we’ll see.

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