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Because the Ferragnez are news and the media talk about them, in five points

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Because the Ferragnez are news and the media talk about them, in five points

Even if you have never followed the stories of Chiara Ferragni and Federico Lucia probably you know more about them than you would like: the argument in Sanremo, the Balocco case on unfair commercial practices and now the divorce, announced by Dagospia and confirmed by them. Everything they do, for better or for worse, bounces across all the media. So on social networks, among the thousands of comments and interactions of male and female readers, many are of the type “but there is nothing more important to write” or “these are not the country’s problems, deal with something else”. First consideration, banal but necessary: ​​talking about the Ferragnez does not exclude dealing with something else and the fact that we talk about it, and even a lot, does not mean that it is the first interest or the first concern of an entire country.

First reason why the Ferragnez are news: more than concern, the life of the famous has always been a distraction. And they are quite famous. They are nicknamed la royal couple Italian, the Italian royal couple, and with good reason. To name one: their wedding in Noto, Sicily, set in motion a turnover and worldwide attention absolutely comparable to that of a true royal couple like that of the English princes William and Kate. A year ago on the Sanremo stage with her monologue and his kiss were seen and commented on live by millions of people there was popular national consecration, which is a term that can be used both in the derogatory and in the meaning extrapolated over time from Gramsci’s philosophical and political thought: cultural phenomena rooted in all people can be able to express their values. We may like it or disgust us, but the Ferragnez talk about us and are a communication, economic and social phenomenon that it would not only be arrogant to ignore, but also wrong.

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For the first time from our smartphone we observed someone else’s life, no detail spared until we were forced to ask ourselves, what are we looking at? Is it a reality show or an advertising campaign? Do we look at them because we like them or because we would like to be like them? Even if a few million people don’t follow us, will it be appropriate to share photographs of our children? If we feel the thrill of pleasure from likes even if we deny it, then is ours envy? Second, they are a communicative and social phenomenon which reflects the society built on selfies, on the desire to always be there and on the dystopia of the fifteen minutes of fame that each of us deserves. For the first time we see children being born and growing in front of their parents’ relentless smartphones, who don’t stop framing them even when they announce their divorce and their desire to protect them, at the same time they bully themselves about how many people are interested in their divorce. In her latest stories Chiara Ferragni shared the numbers obtained from her interview on Corriere della Sera. “Everyone reads me, wow!” he rejoices, even if what everyone reads is his defense after the Agcom fine and the investigations for unfair commercial practices and at the same time his former ex confirms the rumors about the divorce. A few days ago, he too celebrated in his stories the excellent result of the podcast with his ex-wife as the absent protagonist. Not exactly a party, but they were happy.

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With the counting of clicks, followers and hearts comes the third point, money. In the last eight years the couple has built an empire: the estimated value for Ferragni is 100 million euros, for Fedez 20. If not on some properties, the two have separate but important assets. Ferragni who has always said of herself and has reason to be a digital entrepreneur. Her work began fourteen years ago, when the influencer profession did not yet exist. At the beginning it was said that everyone is good at taking photos, then she became a business study at Harvard. We understood that his “taking photos” was “doing a lot of publicity”.

And then came the Agcom fine, which opens up yet another field, also quite interesting: the rules that don’t yet exist. How do you advertise on social media? What are the boundaries between advertising and charity? Fourth reason why the Ferragnez are in the news, because they practice “jurisprudence”. With the bill renamed “Ferragni”, new measures have been introduced regarding transparency for charitable initiatives. The story of the incredible media over-exposure of the Ferragnez children and the cascade of the children of other influencers or aspirants could make the legislator understand the urgency of new laws and regulations also on minors and social media.

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Everyone was looking for them before, when they were the couple capable of turning anything into gold, everyone is looking for them now, when they argue and show weakness, more him than her in reality. But the important thing is to show yourself, whether it’s with your wedding ring or the catwalk of the fashion show or your pajamas or your trip or your bag or your dog. Telling everything, and then every now and then claiming a holy privacy, saying nothing and then saying nothing but exclusively. Show the attic, leave the attic. And so on in an endless soap opera that does whatever it takes to keep its viewers glued to the screen, no matter what. Fifth reason, they make news because they do everything to make news.

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