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Behringer Releases Perfect Pitch PP1 Audio to CV Module

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Behringer Releases Perfect Pitch PP1 Audio to CV Module

No sooner had Behringer been said to be making new products than they released a new module called the Perfect Pitch PP1. This module provides the function of converting audio to CV, and can output the input signal as CV and MIDI signal.

This module lets you convert microphone, guitar or line-level sources into MIDI, CV and USB MIDI signals, allowing you to control hardware or software synthesizers. It can extract pitch, gate and trigger value information from the signal for use with Eurorack or other CV compatible equipment. With the USB MIDI function, you can also use the guitar to input MIDI notes for the host software.

The module has a line-mono input with Hi-Z and low-cut switches, and the gain control provides 50dB of gain.

Official video:

Price: $99 USD.

While the functionality of this module is irrelevant, it does provide convenience for those who want to integrate audio with Eurorack. Although it can’t make great products, Behringer can indeed make some small products that are useful, so why spend energy on disgusting other manufacturers?

Of course, it is also possible that Behringer can’t find any products to “tribute” and can only find another way out. Hope Behringer can get on the right track soon.

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