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Beijing Film Festival Project Venture Capital held a road show, Chen Kexin Zhang Ji and other judges gave sharp pointers-Entertainment Grand View-Market Information Network

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Beijing Film Festival project venture capital held a road show, Chen Kexin Zhang Ji and other judges pointed out sharply

Market Information Network 2023-04-26 18:03:04 Source: Xinhuanet Comments:

Come with a story and go with a movie. Yesterday, the 13th Beijing International Film Festival Beijing Market Project Ventures held a public roadshow, 23 projects appeared in front of judges, film companies and audiences, and opened their film journey.

Movie companies line up to add WeChat

“The climate in Beijing is relatively dry. Today I will bring you a heavy rain.” This is the opening speech of the road show of the young director Qiu Shengbin. The script “Rain Forecast” written by him is a healing romantic comedy. The protagonist is a 30-year-old “early old boy”. He just returned from the big city and became a non-staff employee of the local weather bureau. Television weather forecaster. “One day, the host wrongly predicted that it would rain tomorrow. In order to make up for the girl’s mistake, the boy tried every means to make it rain for her…”

“Rain Forecast” is Qiu Shengbin’s first feature film script when he tries to be a director. At present, he is the only one working alone. He hopes to find a production company at the Beijing Film Festival as the main controller to continue to promote the project. He came to Beijing Film Festival Venture Capital for the first time, and was deeply impressed by the serious and responsible attitude of the judges. He originally thought that the busy reviewers would only briefly read the outline of the story, but he did not expect that each of them carefully read and analyzed the script, and provided a lot of sincere and pertinent feedback, for which he was very grateful.

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The road show is not over yet, there are already many people from film companies queuing up to ask Qiu Shengbin to add WeChat. “The stage set up by the Beijing Film Festival helped me accurately find these production companies. If I only rely on my own strength to ‘hai cast’, I will definitely not be able to achieve this effect.”

A total of 874 projects were attracted by this year’s project venture capital, a record high.

Judges on-site “interrogation and prescribing”

Director Chen Kexin is the chairman of this year’s venture capital final judging committee. Other judges include screenwriter Zhang Ji, director Wen Muye and actors Yao Chen and Huang Xuan. As creators who are active in the front line, this year’s judging panel’s comments are closely related to creation, with a pragmatic and straightforward style.

“You are from Jiangxi, right? I suggest you rewrite all the lines in Jiangxi dialect, and then ‘translate’ into Mandarin, so that the problem of the current lines can be solved.” “Your script uses Mu Guiying, even The heroine’s name is Guiying, it’s too old-fashioned! There’s no need to use a traditional image to transform into a woman today.” “You can change the male protagonist into a story of a prodigal son returning home. More tension.” Zhang Ji, the gold medal screenwriter who created “Chinese Partner” and “Win the Championship”, directly became a “script doctor” on the same day, and “asked a doctor and prescribed a prescription” on the spot. Although his comments were sharp, he pointed out the flaws and weaknesses of each script, and gave practical suggestions for revision, which convinced the newcomers who were shortlisted.

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Director Chen Kexin mainly judges the standard of each script from the perspective of the audience. Regarding the creation itself, he suggested that new directors should try their best to avoid the interference of the market and capital, let alone the utilitarian idea of ​​shooting whatever is popular, but should return to the original intention of creation and ask themselves more about what they want to express.

Yao Chen and Huang Xuan looked at each project from the perspective of an actor picking a script. Among them, the female-themed script “Driving!” aroused Yao Chen’s strong interest. She said with a smile that if the director could improve the script, she would be willing to play the heroine.

Beijing Film Festival Venture Capital Rewrites Destiny

On April 23, the film “Looking at a Bridge” directed by Song Xinqi ushered in the world premiere at the Beijing Film Festival. The film, starring Hui Yinghong and Hu Xianxu, was shortlisted for the main competition unit of this year’s “Temple of Heaven Award”. Two years ago, this project was shortlisted for the 11th Beijing Film Festival Venture Capital Production Project.

“It was the first time I participated in a road show. I was quite nervous, like a report performance at school. The judges at that time were Cao Baoping, Yu Baimei and Zhao Fang. At that time, they thought the script was very good and gave me a lot. confidence.” Song Xinqi said that Beijing Film Festival Venture Capital provides a fair and convenient platform for new directors.

For Liu Xiaofeng, Beijing Film Festival Venture Capital even rewrote his destiny. Six years ago, he was the head of the concierge department of a five-star hotel in Chongqing. He won the Most Commercial Potential Award at the 7th Beijing Film Festival for his original script “The Tower Tower”; now, he is a full-time screenwriter. The script “Going Against the Fire” he created is in the final revision stage. If it goes well, it is expected to start filming this year. The project was adapted from the “3.30” forest fire in Muli, and was guided by the Forest Fire Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management. “For the film industry, I am an amateur. I have no platform and no resources. The Beijing Film Festival has allowed more people to know me, and I have been recognized by the industry, which opened my film career.”

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Since its establishment 12 years ago, Beijing Film Festival Venture Capital has received a total of 7,061 registration projects, and more than 200 outstanding projects have stood out, of which 40 have already started filming or screened. Representative works going out from here include “The Umbilical Cord”, “The Rattle Drum”, “Sherlock on the Plain”, “Spring River Plumbing”, etc. (Reporter Yuan Yuner)

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