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“Beppe Fenoglio 22”: the program of events for the centenary of the Albese writer presented at the Turin Book Fair

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On March 1, 1922, Beppe Fenoglio, writer and partisan, was born in Alba, able to tell the Resistance and the peasant world of the Langhe with a style so effective and peculiar as to make him one of the reference authors of Italian literature.
The Beppe Fenoglio Study Center, the cultural association of Alba whose main objective is the dissemination and study of Fenoglio’s writings, organizes “Beppe Fenoglio 22” from 1 March 2022 until 1 March following: twelve months of appointments in which literature will merge with theater, music, history and visual art to best celebrate the memory and work of a writer who reveals an extraordinary contemporaneity.
A year of events presented at the Book Fair that will not only affect Alba and the Langhe, loved and deeply experienced by Fenoglio, but also other places in Italy and beyond the border that will take on the role of “interpreters of the Fenogliano intellectual heritage” mixing cultures and languages to enhance the work of one of the protagonists of Italian literature of the twentieth century. Among the main synergies in place, the involvement of schools, universities and local associations should be highlighted.

Being inspired by the rhythm of nature and following the seasonality as it happens in the peasant world narrated by Fenoglio, the Fenoglio year will be divided into four chapters: each quarter will be identified with the title of one of the writings of the author from Alba.
The first chapter “Spring of Beauty”Will identify the appointments that will start the celebrations between 1st March and 1st June.
The opening event will be a moment of high emotional impact: the “heart pulse secret” will start from the city of Alba, using the terminology coined by Fenoglio, a signal that will resonate and vibrate, indicating the beginning of the celebrations with an artistic gesture.
The Fenogliano language will also be the protagonist in an exhibition, which will tell, as Fulvia underlines in “A private matter”, “That way of putting out words” typical of the Albese writer.
In spring, the Einaudi publishing house, which has always been linked to Beppe Fenoglio, will launch a series of editorial and promotional initiatives, including the launch of a uniform edition with author prefaces, which will continue for the entire Centenary. The new releases in the bookstore will concern “The twenty-three days of the City of Alba” with the preface by Davide Longo, the expanded re-edition of the biography of Beppe Fenoglio “Private affairs” edited by Piero Negri Scaglione, “Il Partigiano Johnny” with the preface by Gabriele Pedullà, “A private matter” with the preface by Nicola Lagioia and with a new enlarged edition of Fenoglio’s “Letters” edited by Luca Bufano.
In the months of March and April, “Fenoglio a teatro” will be staged through celebratory moments and performances inspired by the writer’s works, starting with the female figure, in collaboration with the Municipality of Alba, theater companies and actresses from Alba.
As always, April 25 will be dedicated to the “Liberation Day” with historical insights dedicated to the Partisan Johnny, in collaboration with the Historical Institutes of the Resistance and the ANPI.
The second chapter, or the summer contained in the calendar of events between June 2 and September 7, will be entitled “A day of fire”And will include the project“ Up there, where the sky sticks to the hills ”to enjoy, thanks to a new application, the outdoor paths on the tracks of Agostino, Milton, Johnny, Placido and other Phenoglian protagonists.
The summer season, also known for being the season of festivals in the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero area, will merge music with literature, art, cinema and will bring together the various artistic expressions with the common denominator “Over the Rainbow”.
And then the unmissable Marathon for 100 candles, an opportunity to listen but above all to give voice to the writing of Beppe Fenoglio in a real collective party that is repeated every year.
The autumn season and the beginning of winter, declined within the calendar from 8 September to 31 December, will be dedicated to “The twenty-three days of the city of Alba”.
From October to December, a major exhibition at the Ferrero Foundation will be an immersive opportunity to delve into Fenoglio’s writings. An experiential and didactic path to get to know the man, the writer and the partisan. The International Alba White Truffle Fair will also be an opportunity to tell the public visiting Alba and the territory.
Also during the season, there will be cinema with “Fenoglio and the cinema”: activities and exhibitions organized by the Turin Cinema Museum, in collaboration with the Turin Piedmont Film Commission.
The concluding chapter, from 1 January to 1 March 2023, will be identified with “A private matter“: Fenoglio’s new century will be told in an international conference and a” Fenoglio atlas “will be launched: a geographical, historical and metal-literary map that will collect the paths of the app and complete them with a complete study system.
The conclusion of the Centenary will mark an important step forward in the sharing of materials with the “Fenoglio Fund Digitization” thanks to which, courtesy of the heirs who made the original documents available for photo scanning, it will be possible to use the Phenoglian documentation with ease without affecting the original heritage.
«I am very pleased that the announcement of the guidelines of the program of the centenary celebrations of my father’s birth – declares Margherita Fenoglio – will take place in such a suitable location, which is the Turin Book Fair. Although there are still a few months left before the opening of the Fenoglio year, I must say that I am already seized by many and different emotions because for me it is not just a matter of celebrating a great writer, but of living, in such a special moment, the feelings of a daughter to a father she lost too soon. ”ENTER STUDI BEPPE FENOGLIO
Piazza Rossetti 2, ALBA (CN)
[email protected]
Tel. 0173 364623

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