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“Beyond” released today reveals the ending song MV Zheng Kai and Li Yunrui hand in hand to break through the shackles and run into the future_TOM Star

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Today, the movie “Beyond” is officially released. The lyricist by Chen Xi, the music by Dong Dongdong, and the MV of the movie “Beyond”, which is sung by Hu Xia, are warmly launched. The voice of Hu Xia’s Healing Department sang the moving story of Hao Chaoyue (played by Zheng Kai) and Wu Tianyi (played by Li Yunrui) who fell into hesitation during the downturn of their lives, and then influenced and inspired each other after they met again. The simple and straightforward but philosophical lyrics interpret the thinking and interpretation of life, which fits well with the inspiring movie theme. The film simultaneously exposed a public release poster. The poster fixed the classic scene of Hao Chaochao shouting “Run, don’t stop” under the fireworks, condensing the most beautiful day of his life with persistence.

On June 11, the movie “Beyond” appeared on the red carpet of the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival. Producer and lead star Zheng Kai, CEO of Shanghai Leopard Culture Media Co., Ltd.; Producer Ding Jing, lead star Li Yunrui, Cao Bingkun, Zhang Lanxin , The special lead actor Li Chen formed the “Beyond Team” appearance, and the main creators used a unique running method that fits the theme of the film to “run” over the red carpet, sparking heated discussions among netizens.

Hu Xia’s “clear music” conveys a sense of faith and Zheng Kai vividly interprets the awakened dream chaser

“The tears of failure or the regret of inaction, which one is more like an opportunity”, the brothers Hao Chaoyue and Wu Tianyi, who once made great achievements in the 100-meter track, encountered difficulties in their respective lives at the same time. A career frustrated and would rather give up the rewards of sweat in exchange for a livelihood, and the one who couldn’t solve the knot of happiness, had the intention to leave the runway. In this critical period, destiny arranged for a reunion and made them the salvation of each other. “Time and time again, again, not in persistent repetition, but in sprinting with every effort”, the MV hot blood recorded many wonderful moments of two people training hard and sprinting hard, and the corresponding is the middle-aged Hao Chaochao firmly The running figure, the intertwined picture is moving. With his unique clear voice, Hu Xia sang a song that shows the protagonist rekindles his blood and breaks through the shackles of life, and also releases the fearless belief and inspirational power that the film wants to convey to the audience.

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At the same time the public screening poster, the middle-aged Hao Chaochao, wearing a gold medal and sweating profusely, screamed hard. This man who was almost beaten by life after the highlight suddenly woke up and shouted the decision not to bow to fate anymore. In the gorgeous fireworks Under the background, it presents a strong emotional appeal. Many viewers who watched the movie in advance were deeply impressed by the plot, and said that “people who have experienced the baptism of life will understand how difficult it is to stand up and start again, and Hao Chaochao really screamed into my heart.”

The creators join hands to appear in the Shanghai International Film Festival ingeniously “running the red carpet” vitality demonstrates transcendence

As the movie “Beyond” is about to be released, the creators collectively stepped onto the opening red carpet of the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival to recommend their works to the audience. Echoing the theme of the film as youth and running for life, everyone also appeared in a creative way of “running the red carpet”, showing full vitality. As the producer and lead actor, Zheng Kai introduced the film “Speaking of life through sports“, wanting to tell everyone that “There is no end to the track of life, you must run, don’t stop.” Li Chen and Cao Bingkun also strongly recommended the film and appealed to the audience. “Keep on running and run into the cinema”, “Beyond yourself, and beyond dreams”. The ingenious “running the red carpet” action made the netizens who watched the live broadcast a bright light. Some people laughed and said, “Brother Kai is a veritable little cheetah running”, and some people left a message saying “Through these two or three minutes, I thoroughly remember “Beyond”. Go to the movies when it is released tomorrow”.

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At the same time, with the successive roadshows, the reputation of the film continues to ferment. The extraordinary campus daily life has aroused the resonance of the majority of “positive youth” students. Many college students who became the first audiences of the film praised “Substitute” “Strong sense” means that we can find our own shadow in many details, and the characters are not afraid of frustration when they are in a trough, and the story of going against the wind has also given the audience a lot of enlightenment. Life is not easy. Full of unforeseen challenges, only by tempering our will can we more calmly deal with various storms and run towards tomorrow with more confidence.

The movie “Beyond” is currently being screened nationwide. The film is produced by Zheng Kai, directed by Han Bowen, starring Zheng Kai, Li Yunrui, Cao Bingkun, Zhang Lanxin, Zhang Rongrong, special starring Li Chen and Jin Jing, Shanghai Leopard Culture Media Co., Ltd., Huayi Brothers Film Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Produced by Honghuan International Group Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Beijing Hongyan Culture Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Taopiao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Cuckoo Bear Media Culture Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Cheetah Entertainment Co., Ltd.


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