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Bianchi: “What a joy the school at the start, it makes us feel like a country. Now enough with the dad “

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«We are back in class, it is a joy to see the classes full of children. A school is restarting that must not only reopen – in many regions it was opened last year – but also rethink, it must return to being the center of our community and be aware of itself. The school’s task this year is to make us feel like a country ». Minister Bianchi comments on the beginning of the year giving some news. The most important is: enough with the dad. Bianchi promises it without hesitation, on the first day of school. “93% of school staff are vaccinated,” he says. It will no longer be possible to put an entire region in dad, if there were risks we intervene in a targeted form, we are very attentive to the infection but also to the other students, solidarity returns to be at the center. We will be surgical in the measures, we are working so that in the case of a school in difficulty due to Covid, the entire region does not go into difficulty. The regions that have suffered the most last year are those in which there is 100% vaccination coverage of the staff and the students have done more doses “.

“That dad as we have known it is over – explains the minister – I count on having left it behind but we need to resume the discourse on digital. Even in the most painful conditions we have been able to form community, this is school. I make no promises but I make a commitment: the school will be in attendance and will be full of enthusiasm, made up of community and the pleasure of experimenting “.

In the video message to the students and to the whole school world on the occasion of the start of the year, Bianchi also wished his best wishes: «Welcome back. To you, all your teachers, staff and families, happy first day of school. Going back to school means finding friends, rediscovering the spaces of our life, returning to the place of affection which will then remain for life. School is the extraordinary adventure of learning together, exploring new worlds and new encounters. School is an important part of the country; the whole country is with us today, school is the heart of our community ».

On TV, the minister also explained his yes to salivary swabs, but then decided the Health: “We must go towards simple tools to use and precise in the result, we start from tests in sentinel schools and aim to extend to others but this it depends on the health authorities, they decide. The principle of our school is called autonomy, we have made a strong recommendation on the distance of at least one meter, there is no careless but punctual management ». «With salivary tests – explains Bianchi – we start from sentinel schools and then the instrument is extended to the others. But the enlargement is a measure that will be decided with General Figliuolo and the health authorities ”.

As regards the State and eighth grade exams, «we are evaluating with great attention what happened last year, we have also seen a lot of enthusiasm in the drafting of the paper. I saw a great commitment to research on the part of the students, we are evaluating with the staff, the managers and the students themselves, we are thinking about it ».

Regarding the abandonment of the masks, Bianchi was able: “I have not abandoned the idea” of having the masks removed where everyone is vaccinated in the classroom: “it is our direction of travel, it is a clear indication of the decree of 6 August. We have been working since April on a new, more inclusive and affectionate school and we are also working on this aspect of masks ».

Arriving at the Carducci primary schools in Bologna for the first day of school, Bianchi reassured on the platform: «The platform for the control of the Green pass in schools is active from 7 and there have been over 900 thousand checks. If you consider that not the whole country has left, but 4,500 schools out of 8,000, you think what an extraordinary result it is ». «All yesterday – he added – we tried it one last time. This is a country that knows how to do things that work, everyone is asking me around Europe ». «Let’s join together in cohort – he said quoting Carducci – it means we are together. Let’s start again with great joy. Today is the welcome day. We welcome everyone, this is the best thing. We are affectionate with everyone. Thanks to all the parents, to the grandparents ».

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Bianchi also gave the boys the greetings of the President of the Republic: «On the 20th I will be in Calabria with the President of the Republic who said“ greet all the children of our country ”. Almost 10 million children go to school. When the school moves, the whole country moves. The country moves because children move ».

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