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Biella, yesterday the Council online. Mayor Corradino “denied” by his councilors on budget cuts

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An estimated budget conditioned by two factors that presented yesterday by the Biella council. On the one hand, the financing of three million for the Oropa cable car, on the other hand the return to the municipal coffers of the Seab bills, with related outstanding payments, which required the provision of a specific fund. In addition to this, “the budget document takes into account the emergency situation, which has forced everyone to review plans and programs,” explained Mayor Claudio Corradino. Given the willingness of the administration not to increase the tariffs for services on individual demand, cuts are inevitable as a result. That initially the mayor himself had announced “horizontal” on all departments, while several members of the junta were keen to point out that this was not the case. That every expense was defined “with every single chapter that has been the subject of evaluation”, clarified the councilor for the budget Silvio Tosi. Gabriella Bessone wanted to do the same at the beginning of the intervention. It is not the first time that individual councilors have claimed positions other than those expressed by the mayor, which leads to questions about the actual communications within the junta. Returning to the cuts, the most penalized sector was that of Culture, with filings that touch 50%, the commissioner Massimiliano Gaggino replied that the success in some calls actually makes the situation less problematic and announced that the activities related to the events will be entrusted en masse. “Instead of giving money to rain we are going to launch a call for associations that want to create projects in the area and can be rewarded”. For the rest, much of what was included in the financial statements was already known. Minorities are criticized, in particular the Democratic Party, whose councilors have reproached the junta for the lack of an overall vision of the city. The analysis of Andrea Foglio Bonda di Biella at the Center is more calm, who once again called for greater collaboration between the majority and the opposition, noting among the problems that afflict the municipality as the most important one relating to the lack of personnel, however the mayor on the junta crisis that never seems to end. The online session had more than one technical problem, between open microphones and connection difficulties.

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