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BIGBANG’s Kang Daesung Returns to Variety Shows After 12 Years as Judge in Trot Audition

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China Entertainment Network News www.yule.com.cn – On October 6, the Korean media reported that BIGBANG member Kang Daesung is making a comeback to variety shows after a hiatus of 12 years. The popular boy band member will be participating as a judge in the trot audition show, “The Current King of Singers.”

Kang Daesung’s return to variety shows has generated significant excitement among fans. Known for his appearances in well-received shows like “The Birth of a Family” and “Every Night,” where he showcased his impressive eloquence skills, the singer is now set to join MBN’s “The King of Singers” as a judge. The show is scheduled to air in the second half of this year.

Apart from his activities with BIGBANG, Kang Daesung has also pursued solo endeavors, showcasing his versatility in different genres. From rock to lyrical ballads and even Korean encore trot, Daesung has explored various musical styles. With his participation in the trot survival battle, fans are eagerly anticipating the kind of performances he will deliver.

The production team expressed their high expectations for Kang Daesung’s addition to the show, stating that they believe his sophisticated and realistic sense of music will further enhance the audience’s trust in “The Current King of Singers.”

Fans are anxiously awaiting Kang Daesung’s return to the small screen and are excited to see him bring his unique talent and charm to “The Current King of Singers.”

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