Home Entertainment “Bigfoot Dinosaur Family” will be released globally on July 23 to create a guide for modern family parent-child companionship jqknews

“Bigfoot Dinosaur Family” will be released globally on July 23 to create a guide for modern family parent-child companionship jqknews

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“Bigfoot Dinosaur Family” will be released globally on July 23 to create a guide for modern family parent-child companionship jqknews
As the pace of society is getting faster and faster, people are getting busier and busier, and family time together is more precious. Excessive indulgence, on the other hand, will push the family relationship to the other extreme. Good family companionship can make children feel more secure, so as to form the correct three views and grow up more confidently. On July 23, the new IP “Bigfoot Dinosaur Family” of the dinosaur animation track was launched on Youku Children’s world premiere. This animation work shows the meaning of family companionship through the family fun story of Bigfoot dinosaur family adventure and challenge, helps children acquire the wisdom of “solving conflicts” and “cherishing family affection”, and creates a guide for modern family parent-child companionship.

  Through cognition, communication and exploration, let children understand the meaning of companionship

At the beginning of this year, Youku Kids held the 2022 annual content promotion and industrial strategy conference in Beijing, announcing the upgrade of the “Youku Kids · Little Youku” dual brand, promoting the parallel development of the three major tracks of animation, live action and big movies. , Hilarious, and Auto five theaters are fully covered, creating a high-quality, multi-category powerful content matrix. In this strategic layout, Youku Kids has continued to exert its efforts and high-energy output, and has successively released many new works during the summer vacation, providing audiences with diversified and high-quality content choices.

The new IP of the animation track “Bigfoot Dinosaur Family” came into being, and Youku Kids created a parent-child companion manual for hilarious dinosaur dramas with high-quality content. Although there are a large number of dinosaur-themed animation works on the market, the type of family fun is very scarce. “Bigfoot Dinosaur Family” satisfies all children’s beautiful imaginations about family companionship. Through the experience of Bigfoot Dinosaur Family’s volcanic adventure, space travel and other experiences, it conveys the concepts of mutual understanding, mutual help, and harmonious coexistence, so that children can deeply experience To the meaning of “home” and “accompanying”.

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Bigfoot dinosaur families have different personalities and diets, and there are constant daily turmoils. How to seek common ground while reserving differences and live in harmony requires frequent communication and constant running-in between families, which provides an important way for children to correctly understand family relationships. The dust on the island, the puddles, the attack of the yellow sand, and the villainous killer whales from the sea staring at them, these are challenging for the Bigfoot dinosaur family, and the way they respond to the crisis is always interesting and positive. . Plus, it’s refreshing to see how the Bigfoot dinosaur family uses human items in a unique way. Family members work together to resolve conflicts and resolve crises through continuous exploration, which will inspire children. “Bigfoot Dinosaur Family” focuses on family companionship and realizes the “curve overtaking” of the dinosaur animation track, which is also of positive significance for the creation of a good family style in the whole society.

  Celebrity IP linkage, parent-child trend play… Offline activities are splendid

As a market-leading content platform, Youku Kids has been cultivating users with high-quality, IP-based and diversified content. In order to let the majority of parent-child families familiarize themselves with the “new friend” of “Bigfoot Dinosaur Family” as soon as possible, Youku Kids has planned a series of exciting offline activities, which will truly penetrate the company.

On the eve of the broadcast, Youku Children teamed up with world-renowned animation IPs such as Super Flying Man, Beken Bear, Xiyangyang, Seabed Column, and Barack Team to launch the “Visit at Bigfoot Dinosaur’s House” activity, recommending new friends Bigfoot Dinosaur Family, Stars such as Su Xiaotong, Li Xikan, Yang Yunqing, and Da Zuo also recorded IDs and called for the launch of “Bigfoot Dinosaur Family”.

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On July 23, the day of the broadcast, the offline parent-child activity of “Guardian of Love – Let’s Repair the Super Egg House” was held at Tonglehui on the second floor of Beijing Huiju. On the spot, there were hand puppet dramas, parent-child crafts, children’s dinosaur box catwalks, etc. The activity brings participating parent-child families to experience the charm of mutual assistance, cooperation and family companionship. On July 27, a huge live broadcast – “Bigfoot Dinosaur Family” parent-child accompany online parent meeting will be opened simultaneously in 100+ communities. CCTV’s “Children’s Guardian” family education expert, “Fan Deng Reading” “Meeting” column instructor Fu Liping will connect with parents and talk about the companionship through cognitive companionship, communication companionship, and exploration companionship.

On July 23, “Bigfoot Dinosaur Family” will be launched on Youku Children’s world premiere. Now go to Youku to search for the Bigfoot Dinosaur Family, have a chance to win gifts, act now!

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