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“Black Adam” hits Dwayne Johnson’s personal best box office score – People – cnBeta.COM

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“Black Adam” hits Dwayne Johnson’s personal best box office score – People – cnBeta.COM

Dwayne Johnson’s “Black Adam”, which has been in the works for more than ten years, is finally about to meet audiences in North America, earning $7.6 million at the box office on Thursday. In contrast, “Furious 9” earned $7.1 million in screenings and $70 million in its first week; “Shazam” earned $5.9 million in its first week and $53.5 million in its first week.

Based on this, analysts predict that “Black Adam” is sure to get $25 million at the box office on Friday, easily winning the best box office on the premiere day of a solo starring film. His previous achievements are: Speedy Gaiden $23.6 million; Return of the Mummy 2310 $10,000, $18.1 million in Doomsday.

The first week of “Black Adam” was over $60 million, and the high box office trend will continue until the release of the next blockbuster – “Black Panther 2” on November 11. Before that, Black Adam had few rivals.

The light comedy “Tickets to Heaven” co-starred by Big Mouth Roberts and George Clooney premiered on the same day as “Black Adam”, and its first-week results were around $15 million, and the box office expectations were much lower than “Black Adam”:

But the cost pressure it bears is also low – the production cost of “Black Adam” is as high as 195 million US dollars, and it must continue to be popular in order to hope to return. Despite the film’s unpopularity with critics, DC fans and Dwayne loyalists flock to it:

What’s more, Johnson has said that he will use “Black Adam” as an opportunity to pave the way for the future Black Adam and Superman.

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In addition, the finale of the first season of “Dragon Family” has been leaked to the Internet ahead of time, and HBO is fighting the fire everywhere, trying to minimize the harm of spoilers.

HBO stated that the version was streamed by a distribution partner, perhaps a European/African/Middle East film and television platform: “The company is very disappointed that this wrongdoing has affected the viewing experience of the show’s loyal fans, who would have The episode should be watched in 4K on Sunday.”

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