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‘Black Adam’ New York Premiere in Times Square – WarnerMedia – DC Entertainment

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‘Black Adam’ New York Premiere in Times Square – WarnerMedia – DC Entertainment

“Black Adam”, which took 15 years from conception to premiere, premiered at Times Square in New York on Wednesday: Dwayne Johnson has been looking forward to wearing this ) to fulfill his childhood dream: “I looked in the mirror and had mixed feelings. I paid a lot for this film, and it took 15 years to get to where I am today.”


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“I still remember the first day I went to work, I met director Zomi Shirra on the set, we were discussing the shooting of the day, and we looked up and saw five or six meters away, a row of fully clothed JSA players came, at that moment. My blood is clotted.”

“This is the meaning of perseverance. If you believe in what you are passionate about, please persevere. There will always be people trying to interfere with you to soften you. You must be firm and fight for your beliefs. I fought hard, and JSA fell from the sky. This is hard work. The meaning of it, I am fortunate to be able to work with them for three lifetimes.”

Pierce Brosnan, who played Dr. Destiny in the film, said it was his first time playing a superhero role, which was incredible: “The film is bloody, it can be described as a visual feast, and I was deeply shocked. This kind of film is now far beyond my wildest imagination.”

Director Sheila praised Johnson and praised him as a role model in the industry: “His enthusiasm inspires me, and his professionalism pushes everyone to reach the standard he requires, that is, the highest level in the industry”, Sheila believes Dwayne Johnson has reached the level of superheroes in terms of muscle strength and moral standards. “Black Adam” can be called “superhero acting superhero”.

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In addition, there are reports that fans have been waiting for a long timewhite wolfSuperstar Cavill re-draped his cape and appeared in “Black Adam”; Hancourt also appeared in “Suicide Squad” and “Peace Bringer”.

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