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Black Friday online: beauty protagonista

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Black Friday online: beauty protagonista

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This year the revelation category of Black Friday was beauty. With growth of almost 10% compared to the previous year, beauty products were the most coveted of the ecommerce peak season. This is what emerges from the BrandOn Group Observatory, the Naples-based company that helps brands sell more and better online and that analyzes the demand flows of the major marketplaces.

«Based on the demand for products from the digital sales giants that occurred in the weeks ranging from the 39th to the 45th – in fact this is the period in which the marketplaces stock up in view of the extra sales of “Black Friday” – we are able to understand where and how consumer demands will be oriented” explains Paola Marzario, founder of the company.

Lipsticks, detergents and perfumes are the most requested products

Lipsticks, facial cleansers and perfumes: these are the products we find in the top 3 positions. And it is precisely the fragrances that are the “must have”: in the first 10 positions of the most requested products on sales sites, perfumes, 2 of which are for men, occupy 6 positions. An exploit that goes hand in hand with that of the sector. Today, in fact, online sales in the beauty sector at a European level are worth 11.37 billion dollars, with a growth prospect of 10.91% between now and 2027 (globally the growth rate will exceed 9.22%) year on year. The Italian market for online beauty products has reached a value of over 786 million dollars, but is expected to grow by 12.9% per year for the next 5 years.

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In the parapharmaceutical sector, cosmeceutics wins

Demand from the parapharmaceutical sector is down compared to last year, with -17%, however presenting a podium with products that are on average more expensive than the beauty sector: 40 euros versus 17. A figure that also derives from the choice of products: to excel in the parapharmaceutical, in fact, cosmeceutics, latest generation products that combine the effectiveness of the product with the cosmetic treatment, and which on average have higher prices than common beauty products. It should be noted, however, that «the data does not qualify the sector – explains Marzario -. Rather, it tells a trend about the trend of Black Friday purchases.”

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