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Blue Planet Science Fiction Film Week Takes Center Stage at Venice Film Festival, Sparks International Cooperation and Excitement

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Blue Planet Science Fiction Film Week Takes Center Stage at Venice Film Festival, Sparks International Cooperation and Excitement

Blue Planet, China’s first sci-fi-themed film festival, made its debut at the Venice Film Festival’s “Focus on China” section, sparking discussions and collaborations between Chinese and Italian filmmakers. The festival showcased the development of science fiction films and explored international cooperation in the genre.

The “Blue Planet – Science Fiction Film International Cooperation Forum” took place on September 2nd at the Italian National Pavilion. Roberto Stabile, the internationalization consultant and special project director of the Italian Cultural Film and Audiovisual Directorate, expressed his excitement about the presence of Blue Planet and Chinese science fiction films at the Venice Film Festival. Stabile emphasized the importance of international exchanges and cooperation in the industry and welcomed the opportunity to collaborate further with Chinese filmmakers in the future.

Established in 2019, Blue Planet Sci-Fi Film Week serves as a platform for sci-fi films and a comprehensive cultural event driven by the genre. During the festival, Wang Zhenzheng, Chief Content Officer of Blue Planet Film Week, shared the advancements and breakthroughs of Chinese science fiction films observed by Blue Planet in recent years. He highlighted the collaborative efforts between Blue Planet and young Chinese science fiction filmmakers, emphasizing their shared journey of learning, thinking, and creating together.

At the event, Blue Planet Science Fiction Film Week introduced the “Starlight Project.” The initiative grants adaptation rights to 10 excellent Chinese science fiction novels each year. The project aims to encourage young directors to engage in science fiction film creation by providing them with short films based on these novels.

Agnese Fontana, a renowned Italian producer currently working on a documentary about global science fiction films, praised the rapid rise of Chinese science fiction films, considering them a vital part of her project. She expressed a desire for Blue Planet to become a co-producer and assist in discovering more creators of science fiction films.

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Italian creative director Gianluigi Pelone, who has lived in China for many years, premiered the trailer for a sci-fi film he co-produced with a Chinese team at the Blue Planet event. Pelone, who named himself “Han Lu” in Chinese, hoped to showcase his film at the festival and establish connections and collaborations with Chinese sci-fi filmmakers.

International filmmakers from the United States, Germany, the Philippines, and other countries attended the event and expressed their interest in cooperating with Chinese film peers. They discussed potential collaborations with Blue Planet and expressed enthusiasm for participating in the production and overseas distribution of Chinese sci-fi films.

Co-organized by the Italian Cultural Film Bureau, the Italian National Film City, the Italian National Pavilion of the Venice Film Festival, and Xinhua Net, the “Focus on China” event has been a part of the Venice Film Festival for eight consecutive years. This year’s forum was co-sponsored by Blue Planet Science Fiction Film Week and Shanghai Meimeigong Film and Television. As the Blue Planet Sci-Fi Film Week gained recognition and support at the prestigious Venice Film Festival, the future of Chinese science fiction films seems promising, with increased international collaborations and opportunities for filmmakers in the genre.

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