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Bluezone Releases Sci-Fi Weapon Sound Effects

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Bluezone Releases Sci-Fi Weapon Sound Effects

Bluezone has released a new library of sound samples with 127 high-resolution sounds for game developers, filmmakers, movie trailer editors, YouTubers, and indie creators looking to expand their weapon sound library.

Essential for futuristic action scenes, including fantasy and cyberpunk themes, this awesome Sci-Fi Weapon Sound Effects is suitable for building any fictional universe.

This library of sound effects will provide special equipment sounds for all units on the battlefield. Whether it’s energy-based weapons like laser pistols and Stormtroopers, or plasma-loaded assault rifles and sniper rifles that combine lethal firepower with impressive range, be prepared.

The sound effects of these futuristic weapons can be adapted to larger weapons, such as rocket and grenade launchers, and cannons that use electromagnetic forces to fire explosive shells at high speed. This collection allows you to make sounds like “elite troops intercept a starship equipped with a deflection shield and force field, and take control of the opponent’s outpost.”

Sci-Fi Weapon Sound Effects is priced at €14.95.

Official website:

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