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Bmw, the digital revolution of sales and the human factor of technology

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ROMAThe revolution in the automotive world is not just that of the product. Hybrids, electric are the future of mobility but alone will not be enough to change mobility. Alongside it, a new sales network will need to be able to intercept and above all interpret the new ideas of mobility. In short, giving a human face to technology. It is on this issue that BMW has just entered the field with a worldwide pilot project “marked by an evolution of the relationship with the customer, much more focused on the customer experience”.

Let’s see better what it is. Meanwhile, the project concerns Italy and Rome in particular. This is where the revolution starts, from the heart of the capital in the renovated Urban Store in via Barberini. One million investment (the first case in the world of using the new BMW logo in external signs) to implement many digital solutions such as large screens where to configure the cars, 360-degree projections of the models, apps that tell and test all the characteristics of the template. All in a completely different environment from what is normally found in the dealership. Sitting rooms instead of desks, personalized videos and of course the human presence that will allow visitors to be involved in every possible point of contact with the brand. A key figure, introduced a few years ago by the BMW Group: the Product Genius. With his support, it will be possible to undertake a personalized journey within the brand through the discovery, the interest, the satisfaction, the evaluation and – finally – the purchase decision that will be finalized with the seller. In short, an experience that integrates the digital (for the part of searching for information or even the first contact) and the human relationship (direct experience, the explanation of the product and the test drive).

“The year we left behind – declared Massimiliano Di Silvestre, president and CEO of BMW Italia – has changed many aspects of our life and the way we do business, accelerating changes from which we will not back down in the future. This is why we felt it was appropriate to put the customer even more at the center with his new needs, motivations and uncertainties. Hence the importance of an authentic Customer Orientation, supported, nourished by the Product Genius as a privileged interlocutor for our Customers. But to do this today – added Di Silvestre – we need insights and technologies driven by data, as well as by the right mentality of our staff. The correct collection and reading of the data will allow us to understand what the real expectations of the Customers are in order to offer them non-generic, customized, vertical solutions, aligned with their mobility needs. The pillars of our strategic direction are then: an unforgettable experience for the customer and a competitive human capital fueled by data and technology “. “In summary – concluded the number one of BMW Italia – data technology and digitalization perfectly integrated in the retail processes are the useful tools to generate the customer experience. The real focal point remains the ability to generate a human relationship of the highest level in both the physical and digital experience.

It will in fact be the human relationship that will make the difference “.

“At the inauguration seven years ago – recalled Gianluca Durante, CEO of BMW Rome – the then board member Ian Robertson had recalled how this was born as an interactive place, a place where we wished that all our customers could always feel welcome. Our goal, then as now, is to offer a great all-round sensory experience of the brand and a perfectly integrated process when it comes to buying a car, from road test to final purchase. Today we take a new decisive and innovative step in that direction ”.


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