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Bo Gritz releases ‘Stored In The Sky’

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Bo Gritz releases ‘Stored In The Sky’

England/London-based noise rock band Bo Gritz has released their new single ‘Stored In The Sky’ on March 17th from Glasshouse Records!

‘Stored In The Sky’ is a track included in their debut album ‘Chroma’ which will be released on June 9th.

It’s cool following the January single ‘Observes and Selects’.

Since forming on a member recruitment site in 2015, they have performed with black midi, Spectres, LICE, etc. Considering that their activities have gone quite smoothly, it seems that it took quite a while to release their first album, but the members’ main occupations. was busy as a touring engineer for black midi, there was a pandemic, and as a result there was a hiatus, so I’m really looking forward to this work.

“another song that came quite early in the writing of Chroma; written under the Railway Tavern pub in Tulse Hill, recorded and mixed between Max’s home studio and Hermitage Works. I really enjoy how the first 30 seconds is a quite jarring and abrasive sample track, before the song completely transforms into something far more accessible and groovy. The bassline in particular is a conscious attempt to bring a hip-hop aesthetic into the sound. Lyrically the song follows the same pattern to the rest of the album, using the cut up technique drawn from various sources and then rearranged to form a coherent structure. An aural collage if you will.” – Benjamin Salt

Written at Tulse Hill’s Railway Tavern, recorded and mixed at Max’s home studio and Hermitage Works. The first 30 seconds are pretty jarring and scratchy sample tracks, and after that the song completely morphs into something more approachable and groovy, which is a lot of fun. Bassline in particular is conscious of incorporating hip-hop aesthetics into the sound. The lyrics on this song follow the same pattern as the rest of the album, using a technique of snipping from various sources and rearranging them to form a coherent structure. It’s an oral collage, so to speak. -Benjamin Salt

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Live Dates

April 18th 2023 – London, The Victoria, w/ Knives + more
May 17th 2023- Paris, La Seine Café , Supersonic’s Block Party Festival
May 19th 2023- Brighton, Green Door Store, Brighton w/ Flip Top Head + more
June 9th 2023 – London, The Waiting Room, (album release show)

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