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Bolsonaro denied having met with the Armed Forces to discuss a coup plan

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Bolsonaro denied having met with the Armed Forces to discuss a coup plan

The former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, This Thursday he denied having participated in a meeting last year with the heads of the Armed forces and the ministers of the military wing of his government to discuss a plan to prevent the transfer of power in the event of defeat in the elections, as declared his main advisorthe colonel Mauro Cid.

“Throughout his government, (Bolsonaro) never supported any movement or project that was not supported by the law, that is, he always played within the four lines of the Federal Constitution,” said the former president’s defense in a statement. according to the newspaper’Brazilian newspaper‘.

Bolsonaro was disqualified: the TSE condemned him for spreading “coup intentions and spreading “atrocious lies”

Furthermore, their lawyers stated that they will take “the appropriate legal measures“against some”insulting statements“to which the defense has not yet had access.

Jair Bolsonaro.

Mauro Cid, Bolsonaro’s advisor who now complicates it

Cid, who claimed to be present, said that the then commander of the Navy, the Admiral Almir Garnier Santos, told Bolsonaro that his men would be ready to respond to his call. For their part, the Army’s high command stated that they would not join the alleged coup plot, according to ‘O Globo’.

Las Cid’s revelations are part of a collaboration agreement that he has reached with Justiceafter he was arrested in May, as part of an operation for the alleged handling of vaccination records to be able to overcome the movement restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Bolsonaro admitted that he had “mistakes in his government”

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Cid is immersed in three of the former president’s most high-profile causesto the two mentioned above, is added that of Saudi jewelry scandalin which he would have irregularly maneuvered to ensure that those gifts were sold, or ended up in the former president’s personal collection.


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