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Bolzano goes back to school, Bianchi: “New beginning for children and teachers, without masks is a sign of normality”. But the knots on the Green Pass remain

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On the day of returning to class in Bolzano and throughout South Tyrol, the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi spoke this morning on Radio 1 “Everyone in the classroom”: “School is a meeting, it is both a new meeting and a new beginning for the children the teachers, the staff and all the families “. In a week it will be the turn of the other Regions, who will return to school on 13 September:” We have worked to ensure a smooth start, with safety measures and staff in order ” , continues Bianchi in a tweet.

Notwithstanding the good omen of Bolzano, this time will be necessary for the government to continue talking about some problems, still unsolved, which will influence the mass return of students and teaching staff.

First of all, the question of applying the Green Pass to the school environment remains on the table. Schools are currently checking the certifications with the same verification methods as for restaurants and cinemas. It remains to be seen whether the same procedure will be able to withstand a full return to the structure without running into slips or slowdowns given the high number of green certificates to be exhibited and checked. In this regard, news arrives from the Ministry of Education and that of Health on the development of a platform which, thanks to a direct connection with the Certifications Database, acts as a “traffic light” for entry into the school complexes.

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Bianchi also spoke on the so-called ‘chicken coop classes’, ie those with over 27 students. They represent only 2.9% of the total, but they are a sign of a real social gap, being concentrated above all in large urban suburbs and in technical institutes. A symptom that the use of the educational offer experiences a more precarious condition as one moves away from the center of the big cities: «We have put in many specific resources to overcome the problem, not random but articulated interventions. Furthermore, a massive intervention by the NRP on the quality of teaching is foreseen “.

Some signs of hope for the teaching staff arrive, especially in relation to public competitions, after the affirmation of Bianchi, who guaranteed that the ministry will announce the ordinary competition before the end of the year. The minister then pointed out on the 60 thousand role hires made and on the 40-day advance of the annual assignment: “As far as we are concerned, with the beginning of the year all the people who must be there will be there. There will remain a very short quota of substitutes that the principals must do, but only if someone is sick or not there “.

Today, meanwhile, is also the day of Giuseppe Pantaleo’s return to school, the professor of the Curie-Levi institute in Turin who in recent days had been expelled from school because he did not have a Green Pass. The head teacher has in fact accepted “with reserve” the certification of the doctor treating the teacher, who today can therefore participate in the repair examinations.

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Alisa Matizen, the other teacher of the school in via La Salette, has already returned, and in recent days she presented the results of the swab she underwent.

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