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Bottega means workshop in Italian, focusing on the production of handmade products through exquisite craftsmanship and creativity. As one of the most high-profile creative workshops in the world, Bottega Veneta is committed to providing support and assistance to creative workshops around the world: in the second year of the project, Bottega Veneta will support 14 workshops through its own international influence Provide promotional support.

Last year, the brand focused on Italy; this year, it set its sights on the world, from handmade pasta workshops in Shanghai to woodworking workshops in small towns in Vermont, exploring the “Bottega” inspired by Italian culture around the world. This year’s list includes workshops like ATELIERGK FIRENZE for bookbinding, restoration and novelty crafts, winery AZIENDA AGRICOLA SCIARA in Sicily, gelato parlor DAL CUORE in Shanghai, ceramic making and design studio FRANCA in Brooklyn, New York NYC and Shanghai Italian restaurant JE&JO etc. This month, Botteaa Veneta will pay tribute to high-quality creative workshops and these lifestyles derived from Italian culture through the website, store windows and customized display of boutique department stores. Interested parties may wish to continue to pay attention.

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