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Box Office Flop: Sima Nan’s ‘Beyond the Mountains’ Fails to Impress Fans

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Box Office Flop: Sima Nan’s ‘Beyond the Mountains’ Fails to Impress Fans

“Beyond the Mountains” starring Sima Nan Bombs at the Box Office, Predicted to Gross Only 2.35 Million Yuan

On April 21, 2024, the Epoch Times reported that the highly-anticipated movie “Beyond the Mountains” starring Sima Nan, a prominent figure in the Communist Party of China, was released on April 20 to dismal box office numbers. According to statistics from Maoyan, the film’s first-day box office was a measly 499,000 yuan, with a predicted total box office not exceeding 2.35 million yuan.

The film, set in the early 20th century, tells the story of Tang Xiaolin, a young man from a poor mountain village who faces struggles in the city. Sima Nan, known as the “anti-American fighter,” plays the role of Tang Xiaolin’s father in the film. Despite his large fan base on social media platforms like Douyin, Weibo, and Toutiao, the box office results fell far short of expectations.

Controversy surrounding the movie began before its release, with online critics targeting Sima Nan for his alleged hypocrisy and anti-American stance while owning real estate in the United States. The film’s themes of disease, poverty, tragedy, and human struggle further fueled the backlash from patriotic netizens.

Sima Nan’s past statements condemning the United States as the enemy of the world and his family’s real estate investments in the US have also come under scrutiny. The actor, who denied owning property overseas initially, later admitted to purchasing a house in the United States but downplayed the accusations of betrayal and defection.

The disappointing box office performance of “Beyond the Mountains” reflects the tension between Sima Nan’s public persona as an advocate for the underprivileged and his perceived contradictions as a wealthy individual with ties to the US. As the film struggles to attract audiences, it remains to be seen how Sima Nan will navigate the fallout from this cinematic misfire.

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