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Boygenius – The Rest – HeavyPop.at

by Oliver on October 15, 2023 in EP

Boygenius send their debut album The Record With The Rest, a wonderfully unspectacular EP for the quiet hours after the great success of the indie folk long player.

It doesn’t feel completely contrary to the title of the short format, but expands it a little bit on the obvious level of meaning The Rest less like a conglomerate of leftover rejects, but more like numbers that have retained their demo character, which in their decidedly calm, shy and absolutely subtle charisma don’t really fit in with the aesthetics of The Record would have fit.

This is also supported by the homogeneous, thoroughly pleasantly unobtrusive flow of the 15 minutes of the gently adult Julien Baker piece (despite numerous producer hands). Black Hole opened, carefully washed away by electronic elements by mixmaster Mike Mogis and handed over to Lucy Dacus. This also caresses the reserved, strumming one Afraid of Heightswhose textures stride like cautious country, at some point in the ghostly sparkling atmosphere carefully stomping towards nowhere and the anti-test of courage of striking lines like “I don’t wanna live forever/ But I don’t wanna die tonight“Resolve relationship conflicts with open self-reflection: “I never rode a motorcycle/ I’ve never smoked a cigarette/ I wanna live a vibrant life/ But I wanna die a boring death/ I know I was a disappointment/ Know you wanted me to take a risk/ Not everybody gets the chance to live/ A life that isn’t dangerous.

The miniature, bittersweetly plucked in front of dreamy singing arms, is even more enchanting Voyagera little Phoebe Bridgers gem that also ennobles the masterly balance of the singing voices, their restraint and interaction and the individuality in the community: every facet here knows when it is good to withdraw, when synergy is required, and which one Intensity how exactly it should get under the skin.
The brisk, clearly contoured strumming of Powers is then to be understood more as an epilogue in a subdued mood of optimism, peacefully counteracted by the ambient, spherical synth arrangements and leading up to elegiac, drizzling brass.
The fact that the four songs subsequently prove to be fleeting, the hooks and melodies remaining relatively fleeting and quickly babbling to the point of oblivion, paradoxically, combined with the careful and minimalist staging, even contributes to the unobtrusive understatement of this charming finger exercise.

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the rest ep by boygenius

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