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Brain Dead’s new autumn/winter 2021 home accessories series officially debut

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Street brand Brain Dead is returning with a series of vibrant home accessories, including carpets, towels, mugs, coasters, keychains and water bottles.

Brain Dead’s iconic Logo carpet is launched in 2 colors. The towel is themed with a checkerboard and added psychedelic color combinations such as pink, lavender, emerald green, orange, red, brown and sky blue. All designs have corners Brand logo. In addition, the new series also continues the collaboration between the brand and Estate of Ray Johnson, a representative of pop art in the 50s. Brain Dead uses tote bags, carpets, pillows, coin trays and blankets to pay tribute to the artist’s collage techniques, especially its iconic Pattern Bunny Head. The series also includes some ceramics made in Mexico, and cups and vases with special colors are created with the brand’s logo.

Brain Dead’s new home accessories series is officially on sale on the brand’s official website. Interested readers may wish to go to learn more.

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