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Brigitte Lin is willing to act in stage plays for Bai Xianyong and does not reject writing movie scripts | Qingxia sketches | The Epoch Times

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Brigitte Lin is willing to act in stage plays for Bai Xianyong and does not reject writing movie scripts | Qingxia sketches | The Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, December 05, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia) Golden Horse actress Lin Qingxia held a new book release meeting for her fourth collection of essays “Qingxia Pieces” in Taipei on the 4th, and invited writer Bai Xianyong to be the speaker people. Having retired from the entertainment industry for many years, she revealed that she is willing to act in stage plays for Bai Xianyong, and she does not reject writing movie scripts.

Brigitte Lin shared that she wrote her first article “A Laugh in the Sea” back then, with the purpose of commemorating Hong Kong writer Huang Zhan. After the article was published, she received a lot of praise and encouragement, which made her fall in love with writing since then. After that, she wrote columns for many newspapers from time to time, and successively launched “In and Out of the Window”, “Clouds to Clouds”, “Before the Mirror and Behind the Mirror” “3 collections of essays, this year won the “16th Hong Kong Biennial Award for Chinese Literature” prose group recommendation award, and was awarded an honorary doctorate in social sciences by the University of Hong Kong.

Lin Qingxia said with a smile that when she published her first book “Inside the Window and Out of the Window”, she was once questioned as a ghostwriter and did not believe that her writing was so good, but “now everyone should accept that I wrote it”. As for why the fourth book was named “Qingxia Essays”, she said that it was because she wanted to record the little fun and little insights in life, “during the epidemic, you can make everyone smile, so it is called a sketch.”

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Brigitte Lin, who has just passed her 68th birthday, has published 4 books, but still modestly said: “I am not a writer, nor a big star, just a person who writes articles.” Not enough.” Said that the reason why he writes is just to share his inner feelings.

After hearing this, Bai Xianyong praised Brigitte Lin who debuted in Taiwan: “Whether you are a big star or not, you are our national treasure and will always shine.” He also commented on Brigitte Lin’s writing: “The most important things in life are ‘truth, kindness and beauty’, Qingxia is very sincere, she speaks her mind, and she is also a very kind person, she is beautiful because of her sincerity and kindness.”

There are 2 photos in Lin Qingxia’s new book, which made Bai Xianyong particularly touched. The first one is Brigitte Lin buying flowers from poor children in India, and taking a group photo with the children wearing small flowers on her head; the other one is Brigitte Lin giving a banknote to each child in Indonesia. Bai Xianyong said: “Qingxia’s smile is very innocent. Show your love for your children.” Brigitte Lin said: “That’s a small thing!” And said: “Now I like to see people happy, and I am happy when they are happy, so I often surprise people.”

And when it comes to happy or happy things, Brigitte Lin has a chapter in her new book “One Pants Wear Three Generations”. In it, she shared that the mansion in Hong Kong was hit by a fire in July this year. At that time, the three generations of her grandparents and grandchildren were all on the boat traveling in other places, so they escaped the disaster. Not long ago, she had moved some clothes to another home halfway up the mountain, and found that the little floral pants made by her mother had been miraculously preserved, which made her understand that she really didn’t need so many things outside her body, because they would burn in a fire all clean. She said: “I arrange the clothes and give them to the people around me. I am also happy to see the big and small bags in everyone’s hands.”

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Bai Xianyong mentioned that in 1988, “The Legend of the Immortal” was adapted into a movie. At that time, Lin Qingxia was appointed as the heroine, but in the end it was not made, and he felt a little regretful. Brigitte Lin said that the two formed a bond for this reason. When the host Cai Shiping encouraged Bai Xianyong to write a new movie script for her, Brigitte Lin laughed and said, “I’ll act in a stage play you wrote. Don’t act in a movie. There is always a change.” At the same time, she said that she did not reject it. Write a movie script, “If someone asks me to write it, you can try to learn it”.

The event attracted about 400 fans to the scene to support. When asked whether she will definitely write scripts or novels in the future, Lin Qingxia said that she can choose one of Bai Xianyong’s many works to be adapted into a stage play in the future, and she will star in it. Brigitte Lin’s response surprised the fans in the audience.

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