Home Entertainment Brigitte Lin talks about the fire in the mansion: I want to go to the scene to take pictures and write an article | Write an article | The Epoch Times

Brigitte Lin talks about the fire in the mansion: I want to go to the scene to take pictures and write an article | Write an article | The Epoch Times

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Brigitte Lin talks about the fire in the mansion: I want to go to the scene to take pictures and write an article | Write an article | The Epoch Times

[Epoch Times, September 28, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia reported) Lin Qingxia, a movie star who has retired for many years, recently attended a literature lecture with translator Jin Shenghua at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Brigitte Lin took the initiative to talk about the fire of a luxury house with a market value of 1.1 billion Hong Kong dollars, and revealed that her first reaction at that time was to hug her daughter and call out thanks because she and her family were out of town and no one was injured.

Brigitte Lin’s mansion in the middle of a mountain in Hong Kong had a level 3 fire in July. It took more than 8 hours to put out the fire. The scene was quite thrilling. Lin Qingxia, who has not been seen in public since the fire, recently attended a literature lecture and a new book launch with Jin Shenghua, a translation scholar who is also a teacher and friend, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In addition to sharing the interesting stories of 18 years of acquaintance, Lin Qingxia also took the initiative to mention that she learned about the fire. Her first reaction after it happened.

It is reported that when Lin Qingxia’s mansion caught fire on July 8, their family was sailing on a river in Indonesia. After her daughter heard the news, she cried. Lin Qingxia hugged her daughter and said, “What’s there to cry about?” “We should be thankful that everyone was together and they were not injured.” She also said that the servants and pets at home were unharmed. It is a great fortune in misfortune.

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After the incident, Lin Qingxia, who sent a text message to the outside world to report safety, revealed in a column not long ago that after the fire, she was most concerned about whether the calligraphy and painting of the Tang poem “Will Enter Wine” hanging on the wall had been burned. She recalled in the article that the calligraphy and painting were written by Jin Yaoji, the former president of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Mr. Jin jokingly said after knowing that the calligraphy and painting were in good condition: “I knew Brigitte Lin was invincible, Brigitte Lin is Brigitte Lin.”

Brigitte Lin said with a smile: “I had an idea at the time, how should I write this? At that time, my family didn’t let me go (the fire scene) to take pictures. If they let me go, I would probably take a photographer to help me take pictures, and then write an article. .”

It is reported that Lin Qingxia bought insurance, and the insurance company will pay for the fire damage. In addition, no one was injured and Lin Qingxia’s bedroom was not affected, so she was not very worried and attended the university lecture as planned.

Brigitte Lin’s mansion is located in Fei’e Mountain. It was a 60th birthday gift from her wealthy businessman husband Xing Liyu in 2014, and it was also a great gift for the 20th anniversary of their marriage. There is a swimming pool, fitness room, library, calligraphy room, tennis court, and strict security. It is called a “super fortress”.

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Brigitte Lin, 67 years old this year, has faded from the entertainment industry since she married Xing Liyu in 1994, and has been at home for many years with her husband and children. In recent years, she has transformed into a writer and has been trying to write since 2014. So far, she has published three books, “Clouds Going to Clouds”, “Inside the Window”, “Before the Mirror”, and share them in columns on websites, newspapers and magazines from time to time. Insights on life.

In the question-and-answer session of this event, a reader asked Lin Qingxia, “What do you like most about filming and writing?” She replied, “I like filming and writing very much. When you do what you like, you will feel intoxicated and very happy. . If I had to choose one, I would choose writing now.”

Responsible editor: Ye Ziwei

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