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Brilliant Her: A Heartwarming Family Film Starring Hui Yinghong and Liu Haocun

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Brilliant Her: A Heartwarming Family Film Starring Hui Yinghong and Liu Haocun

“Brilliant Her” Set to Tug at Heartstrings with Nationwide Release on March 15

Sohu Entertainment News – The much-anticipated family-themed film “Brilliant Her” starring Hui Yinghong and Liu Haocun has unveiled a touching “Reunion” trailer and poster, announcing its nationwide release on March 15. The film marks the first time Hui Yinghong and Liu Haocun will play the roles of grandmother and granddaughter, promising a heartwarming and tear-jerking storyline that is sure to resonate with audiences.

The movie follows the story of grandmother Jiang Xiuzhi (played by Hui Yinghong) and her granddaughter Xu Jiayi (played by Liu Haocun), who have been separated for 12 years. Jiang Xiuzhi has never stopped searching for her granddaughter, while Jiayi has endured numerous challenges and hardships during their time apart. When the two finally reunite, Jiayi’s past and the emotional scars she carries are gradually unraveled in the face of family ties, leading to a moving and redemptive journey that will touch the hearts of viewers.

The “Brilliant Her” trailer gives a glimpse into Jiayi’s difficult past, including instances of abuse and trauma, leading up to the emotional reunion with her grandmother. The film’s poster captures the moment of their reunion, with Hui Yinghong and Liu Haocun delivering a compelling performance that is bound to evoke empathy and tears from audiences.

Produced by Xu Yahui, directed by Xu Wei, and written by Zhang Li, “Brilliant Her” stars Hui Yinghong and Liu Haocun. The film is set to hit theaters nationwide on March 15, and is co-produced by several renowned film and television companies.

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The heartfelt performances of Hui Yinghong and Liu Haocun, combined with a compelling storyline, make “Brilliant Her” a must-watch for audiences of all ages. The film’s release is poised to bring forth a deeply emotional and heartwarming experience for moviegoers.

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