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British diva Pixie Lott is finally married to love! |Little Tianhou|Singer_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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British diva Pixie Lott is finally married to love! |Little Tianhou|Singer_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Original title: British diva Pixie Lott finally married love!

Today, British female singer Pixie Lott (Pixie Lott) and British male model Oliver Cheshire (Oliver Cheshire) ended their 12-year love run, officially held their wedding and became husband and wife!

The two of them have been together for 12 years!

When the two first got together, Pixie was only 19 years old and just made her debut. She was not a big star, but a girl who loved to sing, and Oliver was also a male model who just came out of the society. The income is not high.

The two of them struggled together and experienced many difficulties together. Only love has allowed them to survive until today. After 12 years together, the two finally reached the hall of marriage and held a dream wedding.

This tells us that there are lovers who are married in the end, they are all married to each other in love, and they live a happy life.

Oliver Cheshire is a British male model. Although he is only 1.79 meters tall, his handsome appearance is very famous in the local fashion circle.

Although it is not too tall for a model, or even has no height advantage, but has an angular face, the British media have described him as Barbie’s boyfriend Ken.

He has always been well-known in the UK, participated in many local events, and earned considerable income.

But when he first met Pixie Lott, he was still a small model who couldn’t get on the stage. After getting into the celebrity network, he gained stable exposure.

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On the surface, it seems to be the story of an 18th-line model who climbed to the rich woman of the British diva, but in fact Pixie Lott has publicly stated many times that her boyfriend is the person she is most grateful for, she said: “Oliver has always supported me by my side, He is my spiritual support. When I was distressed and confused, Oliver always enlightened me and gave me a lot of psychological support. I am really grateful to her.”

I want to say, they are the mandarin duck milk tea in my heart!

The mellow coffee meets the silky Hong Kong-style milk tea. It is a perfect combination. Their love is eloquent and enviable.

In fact, it is very easy for the two of them to fall in love with each other, because they are both good-looking and perfect in appearance, but the most rare thing is that the love between the two of them is still increasing after 12 years, and there is no reduction in the slightest. It’s really hard to see each other as the person they love the most after a year!

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