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Britt receives Depeche Mode in her clothing store: “I’m still shaking” (Antwerp)

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Britt Van Damme will long remember what happened today, Monday, in her clothing store House of Bones in Kammenstraat in Antwerp. Suddenly there were three members of the British mega band Depeche Mode at her cash register, including frontman Dave Gahan. And to complete the story, the people of House of Bones were treated to tickets for the band’s performance on Tuesday evening at the Sportpaleis.

Monday, February 5, 2024 at 9:13 PM

“It’s really crazy, I’m still shaking a bit,” says Britt Van Damme on Monday afternoon when she receives a call from Wim Oosterlinck from Radio Willy.

“Three men walked in this afternoon in long, black clothes,” Britt tells her story. In itself not very unusual since House of Bones profiles itself as a rock ‘n’ roll boutique, where people who love metal and punk can also find something to their liking.

Socks from Bowie

Britt heard the trio speaking English to each other and when they stood at the cash register to pay for an Iron Maiden T-shirt and David Bowie socks, she unsuspectingly asked them if the gentlemen might be visiting Antwerp. This was followed by the dry answer: “Our band is playing tomorrow evening at the Sportpaleis.”

It turned out that Britt had Dave Gahan and two other members of Depeche Mode at her cash register. Completely freaked out, she took out her phone, looked up the band members on Google and could only conclude that the gentlemen were not telling her anything.

“I think they just happened to walk past my business and were attracted by our gallery wall with all kinds of photos of famous stars,” Britt suspects. She had a chat with the group and also had her picture taken with them. “They were super sweet men, really incredible,” she still remembers.

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The gentlemen proved the latter by treating her to some tickets for the performance, which is now hopelessly sold out.

Depeche Mode last played at the Sportpaleis in May last year. Then Antwerp city guide Carolien Krijnen experienced an unforgettable evening in a café with some members of the band.

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