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“Broken Bridge” exposes the ending theme song of Wang Junkai, Moxizi’s poetry and dialect chorus

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“Broken Bridge” exposes the ending theme song of Wang Junkai, Moxizi’s poetry and dialect chorus

A few days ago, the film “Broken Bridge” directed by Li Yu and supervised by Fang Li, starring Ma Sichun, Wang Junkai, and Fan Wei, revealed the MV for the ending theme song “Poems of the Night”. The song is sung by Wang Junkai, who plays Meng Chao in the movie, and Mo Xizi, who plays Wen Liang. The title and lyrics of the song come from the poem “A Poem in the Dark Night” by the poet Haizi, and Mo Xizi is the composer and producer.

After watching the movie, many viewers have been obsessed with this ending song, bluntly saying that from the story, the characters, to the feeling of leaving the scene accompanying the ending song, they all made people cry, “Meng Chao and Wen Liang are the most concerned about Xiaoyu’s life. Two people, and finally heard them sing and cried so hard in the movie theater.” Some audience members sighed, “This is a poem dedicated to life by Meng Chao and Wen Liang, two souls in the dark night. In an instant, I think of Meng Chao’s eight years of living in the dark, and the tears can’t be stopped at all. The stamina of this film too big”.

The style of this song is also quite unique. Wang Junkai sings in Mandarin and recites it in Sichuan-Chongqing dialect. The verse of “There is nothing in the dark night, why do you comfort me?” murmured, as if Meng Chao, played by him, was telling his heart, which was very poignant. Mo Xizi’s penetrating Yi language voice seems to come from a distant time and space, just like Wen Liang’s final farewell to this world, the two people’s deep and beautiful voices are intertwined, which is very moving.

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Meng Chao’s last wish is to let Xiaoyu live well

Audience: I can’t bear Meng Chao, I can’t let go for a long time

Wen Xiaoyu (played by Ma Sichun) and Meng Chao (played by Wang Junkai), two strangers with similar fates, are both struggling in the pain of losing their loved ones, but their encounter gave each other a temporary home. Many viewers were deeply impressed by the clip of Meng Chao sleeping behind Xiao Yu, and said frankly, “Meng Chao unconsciously said ‘I miss my sister’, which made me want to cry. It is hard to imagine how Meng Chao has survived these eight years. When Xiaoyu is in the air, he can relax.”

In the MV, Meng Chao, played by Wang Junkai, looked at the light in the tall cooling tower and said, “I’m enough in the dark, I want Xiaoyu to live well during the day.” He even had a tone of relief in his calmness , but touched the tears of many audiences. Some viewers sighed after watching the movie, “Meng Chao is in the night and Xiaoyu in the day. They blended together for a short time at dawn, making up for the lack of family affection. But when dawn came, the night also came to an end. I really miss Meng Chao. I took a long time off after I came out of the theater.”

Ma Sichun and Mo Xizi’s poem “Father and Daughter Love”

Life and death separated, the misunderstanding that lasted for eight years was finally solved

In the MV, the father Wen Liang, played by Mo Xizi Shi, rides a motorcycle. Xiaoyu, who was a child, sits in front of him. The father and daughter are swaying along the river. But now, Xiaoyu can only touch his sculpture, incorporating the guilt of misunderstanding his father for 8 years and the resentment of mistrusting his adoptive father into the sculpture. Xiaoyu looked at his father’s face, which he hadn’t seen for a long time, and said softly, “Long time no see, Dad”, which contained eight years of longing, making people unable to help break the defense.

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In the movie, Wen Liang is an upright idealist, and Wen Xiaoyu is as “strong” as her father Wen Liang. In order to find the truth, she fearlessly embarks on a road to prove her father’s innocence. Some viewers sighed after watching it, “Xiaoyu’s hatred of Zhu Fangzheng is completely understandable, when a person finds out that he recognizes the murderer of his father as his adoptive father, he is also misled by him, which leads to misunderstanding his father for 8 years. Chills”.

The film “Broken Bridge” was directed by Li Yu, supervised by Fang Li, starring Ma Sichun, Wang Junkai and Fan Wei. The film was released nationwide on August 13.

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