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BTS broadcast SUGA after the AMAs award: No fear in the future | BTS | RM | JIMIN

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[Epoch Times November 22, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin reported) The popular Korean boy group BTS (BTS) held today (21st local time) at the “2021 American Music Awards (2021 AMAs) / National Music Award)” won three awards at the award ceremony. After the ceremony, they broadcast live with the theme of “focus on…”. SUGA (Min Yooqi) stated that he will no longer be afraid and will happily welcome the future of BTS.

BTS won the “Artist Of The Year”, “Favorite Pop Duo or Group” and “Favorite Pop Song” at the 2021 National Music Awards In the awards ceremony, the performance of the collaboration song “My Universe” with Coldplay (Coldplay), and the performance of the English song “Butter” was also prepared.

BTS attended the 2021 American Music Awards (2021 American Music Awards/AMAs) and performed the collaboration song “My Universe” with Coldplay. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for MRC)

When they performed “Butter”, not only did all the members wear yellow costumes, there were animations representing “Butter” and a single cream love setting in the background. When RM sang the lyrics of “Got ARMY right behind us when we say so” When the original yellow cream love setting was dyed into purple, the representative color of BTS, the love heart also had the logo of “ARMY” representing the fans of BTS.

BTS perform Butter during the 2021 American Music Awards
BTS (BTS) attended the 2021 American Music Awards (2021 American Music Awards/AMAs) performance “Butter” photo. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for MRC)

After the award ceremony, they prepared pizza, cakes, and champagne for a 27-minute V LIVE live broadcast. The members said in the live broadcast that they were awarded thanks to ARMY (official fan name), so they also toasted “focus on…ARMY!” and shouted “BTS, ARMY, forever!” with both hands. The way the wind of applause puts out the candles, thank the fans.

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Due to the excessive number of fans watching online at the same time, the V LIVE system was unable to function normally at one time, and many fans were unable to watch the live broadcast. RM (Kim Namjoon) apologized to fans for responding to this situation in the message area, and SUGA said that 14 million people watched online at the same time, and the server must be unable to load.

RM (Kim Nam Joon) mentioned in the live broadcast that the long-lost live performance with audience made him feel very interesting, and (when giving the award speech) the long-lost speech in English in front of everyone also made him speechless for a while. He also said that if he couldn’t speak English fluently during the performance, he hoped that everyone would understand. Jin (Jin Shuozhen) sitting next to him responded, “You are very good.”

BTS accept the Artist of the Year award onstage during the 2021 American Music Awards
BTS attended the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs) and won the “Artist Of The Year” award. RM gave a speech. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images for MRC)

SUGA, who expressed his thoughts about the award in Korean at the awards ceremony that day, said in a live broadcast, “I speak in Korean but everyone seems to understand what I said?” RM laughed and said, “That should be understood because of the atmosphere.” Jungkook said that they felt good about performing after a long time. V (Kim Tae Hyung) also mentioned in the live broadcast that the atmosphere of the AMAs is really great.

SUGA also mentioned that they were able to win the “Artist Of The Year” which is equivalent to South Korea’s “Singer of the Year” award after their four-year debut in the United States, which he did not expect. He said that the person who felt scared and painful even when he debuted four years ago has now won the grand prize and the Artist of the Year award, which really makes him unbelievable. In the future, he plans to stop fearing and accept the bulletproof boy happily. What the regiment will encounter in the future.

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Since the BTS will hold an open-audience “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA” live concert in Los Angeles, USA on November 27th and 28th, and December 1st and 2nd, JIMIN said Before the concert, they will manage the health of their bodies and throats and work hard to prepare for the concert. The members toasted and said that they would “focus on…concert!” next, and Jungkook also said “See you soon, ARMY”. (Click to see the group photo of the members of the day

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