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Buccellati and the Ambrosian School launch the goldsmith master’s degree

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Buccellati and the Ambrosian School launch the goldsmith master’s degree

The first master’s degree in Goldsmith’s Arts will start in September, born from the collaboration between the Buccellati maison, part of the Swiss Richemont group since 2020, and the Ambrosian goldsmith school (Soa), an institution when it comes to the training of high-level craftsmen. The signing of the agreement – which will lead Buccellati both to financially support the school and to finance the studies of the first 12 students of this master’s degree – took place on Wednesday 22 March in the Buccellati headquarters in Milan.

The importance of craftsmanship

A few floors below, divided between two buildings, some of the artisans who create Buccellati jewels were at work: engravers who work (with the naked eye) rings, brooches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets; engravers who personalize the creations with the fabric motifs and textures dear to the maison; setters who embellish jewels with stones. Together with goldsmithing, those mentioned are just three of the four specializations on which the master’s degree in Goldsmith’s Arts focuses, lasting a total of 130 hours.

In Buccellati’s Milanese atelier (one of the company’s four Italian manufacturers) experienced craftsmen work side by side (some with 35, some even with 40 years of work behind them in the company) and new hires, many of whom come from SOA. «Craftsmanship is fundamental for our company – explains Andrea Buccellati, president of the maison founded by Mario Buccellati in 1919, the year in which he opened his first shop -. Once we learned by “going to the workshop” (as the founder himself did, at the Beltrami and Besnati goldsmiths in Milan, ed), but today the world has changed, there are specialized schools that help us create new generations of craftsmen. Which for us represent the largest and most important investment».

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The alliance between business and school

The partnership between the maison and Soa is not new: two years ago Buccellati set up a training course for engravers at the School in which the historical teachers of the Soa were joined by the master engravers of the maison. From now on the collaboration between the two realities – which have in common the goal of promoting handmade made in Italy and handing down its traditions in a contemporary perspective – takes a step forward, in an attempt to fill a gap that is destined ( otherwise) to become unsustainable: the gap between market demand and the availability of skilled labour.

«Our task is to try to bridge the gap between school education and industrial realities. For this reason we have begun to organize the training offer in such a way as to create continuity with the world of work», explains Luca Solari, director of the Ambrosian goldsmith school together with his brother Guido who manages the Soa Lab&Factory in via Tortona in Milan. The master with Buccellati will take place in this structure. «Quality and speed – says Guido Solari – are the cornerstones of this training course which is open to Italian and international candidates interested in embracing this sector, developing technical and even cultural skills».

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