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Bullrich said that there are more than 18 detainees and the cost of the operation was almost $50 million

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Bullrich said that there are more than 18 detainees and the cost of the operation was almost $50 million

The Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, reported that “there are already 18 detainees, plus those from the City” for the incidents that occurred this Friday in Plaza Congreso and downtown Buenos Aires between federal forces and protesters protesting the general approval. of the “Bases” project in the Chamber of Deputies.

“There are already 18 detainees, plus those from the City, for the destruction in Congress,” the official wrote on her account on the social network in 2019. Now, here, playing the photographer while setting everything on fire?”

Bullrich stated that “we are going to go into the cause thoroughly, investigate each of those involved and request the expulsion of the two Chileans who participated in this disaster” and ended his post by stating: “Whoever does it, pays for it.”

The cost of the operation in Plaza Congreso

The Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Waldo Wolff, specified the cost of the police operation, the damages and the repair and cleaning service at more than 50 million pesos.

“Yesterday’s operation (for this Friday) added to the breakages, of bins that have caught fire, and the entire provision of the repair and cleaning service, we estimate that it is above 50 million pesos,” said Wolff in dialogue with radio Miter.

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He added that he will take “legal actions to make the detainees and the social organizations that called for this and caused these destructions pay.”

City Police Detainees

The Buenos Aires City Police, meanwhile, confirmed that 13 people remain detained after the incidents.

It was reported that the detainees were 12 men, one a minor, and one woman, who were placed at the disposal of Justice.

Police sources indicated that “five of them, four adults and one minor, were arrested when they were vandalizing a bank branch in Rivadavia at 1300 and for burning containers.”

Meanwhile, seven men and a woman were arrested on 300 Callao Avenue for throwing bottles and other objects at the Federal Police that had been deployed in the Congress area as part of a strong device in which other security forces participated.

Last night, police sources reported the arrests of two photographers: Pablo Sabando Aburto, Chilean, 35 years old, with six years of residence in the country, and Sergio Luciano RIvottado, 43.

Aburto and Rivotta are two press workers linked to the Network for the Defense of Human Rights and Democracy

The surroundings of Congress were, for the third consecutive day, the scene of clashes between police and protesters who oppose the sanction of the so-called Bases Law promoted by the Government.

Tear gas grenades, pepper spray and baton attacks were used by the officers to disperse the protesters, who responded by throwing stones and bottles.

The militants, mostly from leftist groups, union organizations or social movements, had several clashes with members of the Gendarmerie, the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) and the Airport Security Police (PSA) who took part in the operation.

Bullrich, meanwhile, supported last night the actions carried out by the security forces in Plaza Congreso, as he did in the previous two days with a message on social networks.

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“We will file a criminal complaint and ask for the identification of all those who burned public property by throwing stones, destroying everything as they passed and attacking police officials,” Bullrich said in a message published last night in X.

And in that sense, he added: “I congratulate the professionalism of the Federal Forces. The organizations must pay for the damages caused and the expenses of the operation. Which he makes pay”.

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