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Burden Of Grief – Destination Dystopia

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Burden Of Grief – Destination Dystopia

(c) Christian Peine

After a good five years, it’s time to say something again. Global and local developments Burden Of Grief anything but cold, had a direct impact on the music and lyrics. The German veterans also welcomed two new musicians, who can be heard on record for the first time, and also skillfully further developed their mix of Thrash Metal and Melodic Death Metal. „Destination Dystopia“ has what it takes to make it big and is knocking on the door to the Champions League.

The constant unrest that emanates from “Fevered Dreams” seems symptomatic of the entire album. Nervous energy meets biting harshness, meets fine melodies. Mike Huhmann seems grumpier than ever, the oppressive thrash riffing harmonizes wonderfully with catchy suspense and tries to cross the Gothenburg school with groove masters. This works surprisingly well, as the powerful opener “World Under Attack” demonstrates. Burden Of Grief hit the ground running right from the start, packing a punch and packing gang shouts and manic melodic death parts. Epic undertones skilfully round off the complex and rousing presentation.

It is precisely this knack for expansive sounds that suits the quintet very well, as the title song proves, among other things. The martial pounding of “Destination Dystopia” drives through your bones, driven by angry death thrash. The unrest is palpable in every note, and there is a lot of frustration in the vocal cords. It takes a while to reach the melodic resolution, but this middle section can actually get under your skin… before another angry whipping strains the air to breaking point. The constant anxiety of the final “My Suicide” also doesn’t want to be ignored. When even classic metal ideas are attempted in the solo section, everything is vain – an island of hope in the midst of seemingly endless darkness.

The big musical revolution doesn’t happen, because instead Burden Of Grief ‘only’ develop logically, but that’s exactly what suits them perfectly. A fresh wind of personnel and a lot of attitude in tone and words, accompanied by the right mix of routine and joy of playing, spit out an album that is highly entertaining from start to finish. Unsurprisingly, Burden Of Grief deliver to the point, as intense as they are thrilling, with strong melodies and even better riffs. Destination Dystopia was definitely worth the wait.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: November 24th, 2023
Available via: Massacre Records (Soulfood Music)

Website: www.burdenofgrief.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/burdenofgrief

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