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Cabineer, the cabin-camper in linen and cork

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ROME – Motorhomes have always been the allies of sustainable tourism. While we are starting to think about which destination we can reach this summer in complete safety, once again the data indicate that the caravan holiday will be chosen by many tourists. The German startup Cabineer is a great supporter of ecological travel, so much so that it has put on the market a cabin-camper, whose spaces are optimized, functional and adaptable to your pickup, not only: it is built in natural fibers and insulated with cork.


The founders of the brand thought and were inspired on how to make a van habitable, ideally able to travel along the famous Pan-American highway, one of the great land routes, without sacrificing comfort and basic services.

The ecological project

In this project collaborated Friedrich J. Deimann, founder and builder of sailboats, in composite material of natural fibers (NFC) GreenBoats, who contributed in the creation of many components of the vehicle. The company confirms that it has not completely abandoned plastics yet, as the natural fiber composite is made of a liquid plastic resin, which resembles fiberglass. In particular, the material is made of flax fibers soaked in an epoxy resin obtained largely from linseed oil, which offers high rigidity at low weight. While, the insulation has been entrusted to cork, which contributes beyond its function, to giving the construction that added value of sustainability of the vehicle. Furthermore, the parent company is keen to point out that the linen and cork used come from European sources, eliminating part of the environmental impact of shipments all over the world.


Cabineer is compact, light and multifunctional inside that can accommodate two adults and two children; every corner is thought out and exploited to the maximum. Inside there are equipment with a thousand uses and retractable, nothing is missing: from the kitchen corner consisting of two burners, a stove and a fridge to the folding worktops. The toilet side is hidden, placed under the window and the wraparound sofa, in the evening it becomes a comfortable bed. The vehicle is equipped with a wired 100 Ah lithium battery and two 100 W solar panels, a 100 liter drinking water tank.

The price

The empty shell to be furnished costs 45,000 euros and the full optional version 84,000. The structure is suitable for most double cab pick-ups, for other specifications you can contact the manufacturer from the dedicated website.


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