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California, the second Porsche home

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Since the Speedster of the 1950s, the sunny and cinematic Californian streets have been almost a Porsche second home and the five novelties presented by the German manufacturer at the Los Angeles Motor Show, scheduled for November 19-28, underline the importance of the Golden State in development strategies of the house in Zuffenhausen.

California being the home of Tesla and many technological advances in the Ev ecosystems field, the introduction of the new Taycan Gts with 580 horsepower and 504 kilometers of declared autonomy acquires further significance and resonance. 30 percent of the Taycan production for America is sold or will be sold in California which means that if the Pacific Ocean state were a nation, it would rank fourth in sales after the US, China and Germany. It is therefore not surprising that the Los Angeles event will also bring the debut of the Taycan Gts Sport Turismo which, thanks to its particular silhouette, becomes the third aesthetic declination of the German full-electric Gran Turismo. Both Taycan Gts will arrive in Italy next spring with prices starting from 137,231 euros while historically speaking, the acronym Gran Turismo Sport was used for the first time in 1963 on the Porsche Carrera. Over the following decades, the acronym found application on almost every other car produced, becoming synonymous with performance and sportiness just less extreme than the RS models. To the two fully electric innovations, the Porsche display at the Los Angeles show added the expected world premiere of the 718 Cayman Gt4 Rs; a technical delicacy for true fans of mid-engined and rear-wheel drive driving which, during the presentation, was in turn joined by the 718 Cayman GT4 Rs Clubsport. This latest version is designed to allow customers to access national and international motorsport competitions.

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The fifth model presented by the German house at the Californian appointment, is finally the Panamera Platinum Edition and the quintet of heterogeneous innovations, is a manifesto of the different technical paths pursued by Porsche with the selection of electric powertrains, plug-in hybrid engines and spectacular aspirated petrol, at the service of hyper-sporting sensations and sounds. The beating heart of the new 718 Cayman is the magnificent 500hp six-cylinder boxer engine capable of delivering a maximum torque of 450 Nm. 718 Rs will be able to clear the practice 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.4 seconds and then reach a top speed of 315 km / h. The base price of the 718 Cayman Gt4 Rs is 147,471 euros and deliveries will start in March 2022. As for the Panamera, the Platinum Edition will instead be available for the 4 and 4 E-Hybrid versions starting from early 2022.


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