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CAME, SRA and Coninagro defended Milei’s labor reform before the Supreme Court

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CAME, SRA and Coninagro defended Milei’s labor reform before the Supreme Court

The Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME), the Argentine Rural Society (SRA) and the Agricultural Intercooperative Confederation (Coninagro) They appeared before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation for support labor reform of the government of Javier Milei.

They did so this Tuesday, in writing, as friend of the court for the protections presented by the CGT and the CTA in the National Chamber of Labor Appeals who suspended the application of the ‘Title IV: Work’ of the DNU 70/2023also know as “Bases for the reconstruction of the Argentine economy”.

In their presentation, they expressed “the need to repeal all articles that contemplate economic fines and what are the main generators of labor litigation in the Argentine Republic (articles 8, 9, 10 and 15 of Law 24,013; 1 and 2 of Law 25,323; and 80 of Law 20,744, in accordance with the text ordered by Law 25,345)”.

Online, and through an official statement, they stressed that they “hinder the generation of genuine employmentwhen facing SMEs with the contingency of facing an expenditure that the business itself is incapable of generating“.

During the presentation of the three entities in Justice, they emphasized that the aforementioned fines, which sought to repeal the provision of the La Libertad Avanza administration, “They were the worst legislative policy error in social and economic matters in the history of labor law. in Argentina, as they discourage employers from hiring in a very significant way.

“The opinion and collaboration expressed by SRA, CAME and CONINAGRO It is only relative to the part of the individual right to work, expressly excluding any connection with Collective Labor Law. Notably Reports on economic matters were attached that justify the writing before the CSJN.“he concluded.

Certain economic indicators are improving but people are not making ends meet: is there light at the end of the adjustment?

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The figure of friend of the court allows participate in a case to third parties unrelated to a judicial process who have knowledge and competence on the issue.

These organizations They are not the only ones who had expressed interest in appearing before the CSJN under the same. There are also cases of the Argentine Industrial Union, the Chamber of Commerce and Services (CAC) and the First Association of Automotive Freight Transport Businessmen (PAETAC).

This news was announced in the run-up to the meeting, this Thursday, of the Bicameral Commission for Legislative Treatment that must deal, precisely, with DNU 70/2023with the objective of defining the work scheme for analyze the rule and the possible call to officials of the National Government prior to its evaluation.

Among the modifications that it carries out, A profound modification of severance pay stands out and the establishment of an alternative model, with a regime made up of an unemployment fundwhich is already in force in the construction sector, more specifically in the UOCRA.


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