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Camper sharing phenomenon, +95% bookings in Italy

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Camper sharing phenomenon, +95% bookings in Italy

ROME – The vanlife boom continues unstoppable and year after year camper trips, with their mix of adventure and freedom, conquer more and more people. This is what emerges from the data of Yescapa, the leading camper sharing platform in Europe, on the trend of bookings between January and December 2022 made by over 820,000 active users, of which 50,000 are Italian.

The 2022 numbers show a further increase in interest and consequent bookings with confirmations on Yescapa which recorded a 29% increase (from 55,000 to 71,000), for a total of over 530,000 days of road trips. An even more sustained growth was recorded on the Italian site yescapa.it, with a +95% of confirmed bookings in 2022, equivalent to over 30,000 rental days.

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Yescapa’s analysis of Italian travelers then highlighted a sharp drop in the average age of users, and if in 2019 only 30% of users fell within the 25-35 age group, in 2022 the figure rose to 52% of the total . In this period, from the initial almost 42 years of the average Italian motorhome owner, it fell to 36 in 2022: 6 years less from 2019, demonstrating the preference for this type of travel by younger users.

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by Maurilio Rigo

According to the study, the Italian camper traveler mostly leaves in sweet company, as evidenced by 50% of bookings made by couples (+4% compared to the previous year), followed by 25% of family trips and 20% of group holidays with friends. It should be noted that both of these trends, a decreasing average age and a preference for traveling as a couple, are also reflected in the choice of vehicle type with the surge in the demand for vans (+143% on 2019 and +10% on 2021), symbol of a new generation of young people looking for contact with nature, emotions and freedom. Finally, revenues for Italian owners are also growing, which in 2022 had a total profit of 2.4 million euros, about double compared to 2021.

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